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Breed Characteristics

Did You Know?

The Tibbie is not a true Spaniel. He was referred to as an “epagneul,” a French word used in the Middle Ages to refer to small comforter dogs.

True to his heritage, the Tibbie has a bold, independent spirit. He enjoys life, especially when he has a family who loves him. His family is first in his heart, he gets along well with other dogs and cats in the home, but he is reserved with strangers. Because of his small size, he is best suited to a home with older children who will know to handle him with care.

The Tibbie is incredibly smart and headstrong. He is determined to have his own way, so never assume that he will always obey your commands. He cannot be walked off leash because there’s no guarantee that he will come when called and an 100 percent guarantee that he will take off and do something you don’t want him to do, like pick a fight with a bigger dog or eat poop on the ground.

The Tibetan Spaniel can be active, within reason. With his

short legs and flat face, he’s not exactly a jogging companion, but he’s sturdy, won’t object to a walk in the park, and will be equally satisfied with indoor play, such as chasing a toy. However, if he enjoys sports, don’t hesitate (overall health permitting) to involve him in activities like agility, rally, and obedience. The Tibbie likes to show off, and these activities are good opportunities for him to have an appreciative audience. He can also be a great therapy dog. Train him with patience and consistency, using positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, play, and food rewards.

It goes without saying that the people-loving Tibbie needs to live in the house and never outdoors. Accept that he’ll be sharing your furniture. He is in charge, after all.

Other Quick Facts:

  • When you look at a Tibetan Spaniel, you should see a dog with a rectangular body covered in a silky double coat, dark-brown oval-shaped eyes, medium-size ears that hang down and are well feathered, and a plumed tail that curls over the back, falling to one side.
  • The Tibetan Spaniel’s coat can be any color or mixture of colors.

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