Spanish mastiff

Spanish Mastiff Dogs

spanish mastiff pictures The Spanish Mastiff is very independent by nature, like most livestock guardian dogs (LGDs). If you're looking for a pooch to worship you or to play Frisbee with, this breed is not for you. Spanish Mastiffs are foremost working dogs, and those kept as companions are aloof. If you like living with a noble, massive guard dog that isn't much trouble, this could be the breed. Spanish Mastiffs on Dogster Trademark Traits Massive size Variances in looks in different regions in Spain Deep, growling bark Very loose skin, especially the dewlap (neck) Laidback, almost inebriated expression Lifespan: 10-11 years (some have made it to 14 or a little longer) What They Are Like to Live With Things You Should Know The Spanish Mastiff sees strangers as a threat.

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