Mini chinese shar pei puppies for sale

MSPCA = Miniature Shar-Pei Club Of America

CKC = Continental Kennel Club

FCI = Fedération Cynologique Internationale

DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

"This is Winston Chen, a Mini Shar-Pei puppy at 6 1/2 weeks old. I took this photo at the park the third day I had him. Off the bat he went to the bathroom outside, hardly ever having any accidents inside. He automatically walked next to us at the park without a leash, never running off or chasing after anyone. Winston is the most brilliant puppy I have ever met, from his lovable personality to his easygoing nature. Despite the history of the breed, he does not mind water at all, he is a chewer/biter, but listens and learns very quickly. Winston generally gets one 45-minute walk a day. Despite his stubborn streak (which comes out when we tell him "No") he is very affectionate and caring. No snoring, minimal farting in addition to his bed hogging he is a cuddle bug to everyone. We currently live in an apartment which seems to suit him fine so long as he is exercised daily. On a side note he absolutely hates the original Kong toy and wants nothing to do with it; instead

he chews on the rug, socks and towels with minimal interest in tennis balls. He was born 11/28/10, at 6 weeks he weighed 5.9 pounds, at 7 weeks he now weighs 7.3 pounds. I am overall very happy with this choice of breed, I found that he is an amazing puppy despite being just that and with as much socializing as possible he will be a great therapy and family dog ."


Koshue Shoio the Miniature Shar-Pei at 7 years old—"Koshue Shoio is a Mini Shar Pei. I obtained her after the death of my standard size Shar Pei. I fell in love with the breed after rescuing my first one, Taz. They can be stubborn, but are loving, loyal and friendly. They can also be very comical. My dog watches TV and seems to search behind the set to find what is on there. She is very easy to treat when needed, but she can also be very devious. She has her own dog, and prefers Chihuahua or Chi crosses. She is not happy without her pet. She loves cats as well."


Fiona the Mini Shar-Pei as a puppy

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