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Shih Tzu Rescue Information

Find Out Where And How To Adopt A Shih Tzu And Shih Tzu Puppies If you are looking for a Shih Tzu rescue in your area or just needing more information and/or resources on how to adopt a Shih Tzu, then this page is just for you. Humane societies, animal shelters and rescue groups are the primary sources for legitimate adoptions. These agencies may or may not, at any given time, have Shih Tzu puppies available for adoption, so you might want to keep checking back with them or consider adopting an older Shih Tzu.

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How to Adopt a Shih Tzu

adopt a shih tzu Want to adopt a Shih Tzu? Before you decide on a Shih Tzu adoption, you should learn about the dog's characteristics, so you can decide if this breed fits your family, home size and lifestyle. You want to provide the best home and the healthiest lifestyle for whatever animal you adopt. Knowing the facts about Shih Tzu adoptions will help you make a good choice for you, your family and the dog. Breed information The Shih Tzu was bred in Tibet and China, where they were prized as royal pets.

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Deb's Tzu is a Hobby Breeder in Canada offering Shih Tzu Stud Service for Canadian puppies and is a Canadian Shih Tzu Breeder; CKC registered Shih Tzu Puppies for sale

about shih tzu puppies A breeder of top quality Shih Tzu puppies, only available to loving homes - we will not sell to pet stores or other businesses. Here at the Tzu we put our hearts and souls into assuring that every dog we own and Shih Tzu puppies that we produce are healthy and sound and will be for their entire life. We have spent many years searching for the right pedigree to improve the Shih tzu breed. The Shih tzu is an excellent choice for retirees as well as families with children.

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Shih Tzu History

Shih Tzu history is one that dates back thousands of years ago and this breed is one of the oldest of all dogs. The Shih Tzu has its origins in Tibet and China; however this is a long standing controversy. Some say the dog originated in China whereas others say it originated in Tibet. The popular belief is that the earliest form of Shih Tzu came from Tibet and was then introduced to China. However, due to breed changes throughout the centuries, the modern day Shih Tzu is best related to being Chinese.

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Breed Profile: Shih Tzu

a shih tzu Group: Toy History: Evidence of the Shih Tzu's ancestors can be traced all the way back to 5th century Asia, particularly Tibet. Eventually, the breed became known as a noble dog of China, notably as a royal house pet to the Ming Dynasty. The name Shih Tzu originates from the Chinese word for "lion" because of the breed's lion-like appearance. The Shih Tzu has always been known as a house pet and "lap dog," never having been bred for any other known purposes.

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