Training a saluki

training a saluki

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 06:31 AM

I brought my bitch as saluki whippet greyhound.

I've often thought there's a touch of collie in there. But not sure. Either way, there is definitely a good dose of saluki.

I had a saluki cross before. Couldn't get the bond right. He was a handful. Wouldn't recall, retrieve, submit food, could be aggressive to me. Etc.

This bitch is the complete opposite, recall 100%, retrieve could be better but she brings it so far and is happy to submit the rabbit when I get to her. She has got the saluki stubborn streak but I've accepted that now as

part of the breed.

She is very intelligent. Runs very clever.

One thing I've learnt and been told about the salukis is bond, bond, bond. So I have. And she is now very much a 1-man dog. She's great with my daughter and Missus but won't obey them if I'm there and just waits for my every command. Following me like a shadow.

This had led to serious separation anxiety and she gets seriously depressed when I go to work or even to bed.

Clingy isn't the word. She wants to be sat on my lap 24/7.

Now she is great in the field, and I'm sure alot of that is down to the saluki, and her loyalty is fantastic. But this whining, crying, clingy side is horrible.

Is this typical of the saluki cross? Or have I been unlucky and had 2 pain in the arses? Lol.

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