Ethel – 5 year old female Cross-Breed

Our stunning little Ethel is now ready to find a home of her own. Ethel up until this point we feel has not had a good life or even maybe a life at all. She landed with us here at Greyhound Gap described as a 12-14 year old Lurcher girl, she was weak on her back legs, raging with what appeared to be a very bad season and covered in scars and weak. What Ethel actually is is an unknown crossbreed around 5 years old and as you can see now she has morphed into the most stunning, fit, healthy looking girl.

Ethel was not in fact in season. She has a rare condition called transmissible venereal tumor which is basically a dog STD passed on from infected dog to infected dog during the mating process and is only usually seen in dogs outside of this country. Sadly this condition causes a large what can be cancerous tumour in the dogs rear end it was spotted very quickly that this was no usual season and it was tested and confirmed by the vets. Thankfully though this condition can be cleared and more importantly 100 per cent cured with a course of chemotherapy and Ethel has since undergone this treatment and now has the all clear and a clean bill of health. More shockingly once clear we opened Ethel up to spay her to find that she was already spayed but the spay had not been done brilliantly and The vet had to attempt to remove further little bits of stump. He is sure he has now managed to remove it all to the best of his abilities. Since landing in our care Ethel has blossomed. She is a sweet natured gentle girl who would love a home either as an only dog where she could be the center of someones universe OR

with a quieter respectful male dog who would leave her be. Ethel has obviously been mated on many an occassion so can be a little grumpy with other dogs on first meeting especially if they show interest in her back end which is totally understandable as she must have been feeling massive discomfort during her untreated illness. Ethel is a joy to spend time with. She walks well on lead, is respectful out walking of the other dogs at kennels and has been great with all people and children she has met so far. We feel she could be happily rehomed into an environment with older children 6 plus who understood to be respectful towards a dog but would be equally happy with a much quieter home. Although Ethel is in kennels with us currently she does keep her kennel area spotlessly clean if given the chance to get our regularly and empties on leaving the kennel. Ethel travels like a dream.

Ethel is vaccinated, kennel cough vaccinated, treated for parasites microchipped and spayed. Ethel is currently with us here in the Midlands but can be rehomed nationally subject to a successful homevisit and any immediate members of the family and resident dogs being willing to travel to meet with her. I really hope being a sighthound rescue and Ethel not being a sighthound this girl will not be overlooked. She has been through hell and back yet still retained a wonderful loving and sunny disposition and she really does now deserve to learn that life is indeed good and there for living and learn more and more about love, a home and a family. This girl has been so happy with us at kennels and so special to us all but its now her turn to shine. If you are interested in offering Ethel a home please in the first instance complete the pre adoption questionnaire.

Category: Saluki

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