Romanian shepherd

Romanian shepherd dog

All share some common characteristics in their morphology, trainability, and intelligence, even if they can be very different in some aspects. German Shepherd Varieties Local re-creations of the GSD include the Kunming dog and Belorussian Shepherd (also known as Byelorussian Ovcharka or East European Shepherd). The Kunming dog and Byelorussian Ovcharka were attempts to re-create the GSD in China and the Soviet Union, respectively.

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Romanian mioritic shepherd dog

romanian mioritic shepherd dog by Criteria Criteria --located-south-east-england -located-east-anglia-england -located-in-wales -located-in-yorkshire&humberside -located-ireland -located-midlands -located-north-east-england -located-north-west-england -located-scotland -located-south-west-england -located-yorkshire&humberside -not-suitable-for-children -not-suitable-to-live-with-small-animals

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