Pyrenean shepherd

Pyrenean Shepherd

pyrenean shepherd Eva Maria Kramer, Animal Photography Breed Characteristics Did You Know? During World War I, Pyr Sheps were taken from their mountains to aid in the war effort. They delivered messages, sought out wounded soldiers, and performed guard duty. The Pyrenean Shepherd is the smallest of the French herding breeds, and as his name indicates he is native to the rugged French Pyrenees mountains. He comes in two looks: rough coat and smooth face.

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Pyrenean shepherd rescue

pyrenean shepherd rescue Questions About Pyrenean Shepherds? Click Here for the Kennel. com Forum! Description: The Pyrenean Shepherd is a small French breed that is lively and athletic with an ever present show of energy. There are two different varieties for this breed: Smooth-Faced and Rough-Faced. This is an ancient herding breed that for as long as memory serves has lived in the Pyrenees Mountains of Southern France, but unfortunately details surroundng its origin have been forever lost in time.

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Pyrenean shepherd puppies for sale

pyrenean shepherd puppies for sale Sorry, No Pyrenean Shepherd Dog Breeders in New York, NY at this time. If you are a Pyrenean Dog Breeder or Rescue in New York, NY and would like to be listed contact me. Is there such thing as a Teacup Pyrenean Shepherd? The average weight of the Pyrenean Shepherd is too big to be considered a teacup, toy, miniature, tiny or mini dog breed. Plus the terms teacup, toy, tiny and miniature all are simply terms to describe a smaller than average size dog and are not new or different dog breeds.

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Pyrenean shepherd puppies

pyrenean shepherd puppies PYRENEAN SHEPHERD Dog Breed Description. The Pyrenean Shepherd is just about the smallest in the sheepdog group, with a height in the male dog between 15 and 21 inches and the bitch being between 15Ѕ and 20Ѕ inches size varies between the longhair variety and the smooth muscle variety, and they generally weigh between 15 and 32 pounds. The longhair variety has long to medium length hair that is thick and slightly wavy whereas the smooth muscles variety has a totally flat coat of similar length.

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Pyrenean shepherd dog

pyrenean shepherd dog Primary navigation Pyrenean Shepherd Description: The Pyrenean Shepherd is a small, high-energy, lean, and sinewy dog with a vivacious, intelligent, and slightly mischievous expression. This lightweight athlete ideally should be the minimum possible weight for his height. The Pyr Shep comes in two varieties, the rough-faced (museau normal) and the smooth-faced (face-rase), which can be born in the same litter.

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Pyrenean shepherd breeders

pyrenean shepherd breeders California Pyrenean shepherds Breeders California Pyrenean shepherds breeders. look AKC registed Pyrenean shepherds dog breeders raising incomparable puppies in California location and discover loving home Pyrenean shepherds dog kennels with purebred and high quality show litters puppies bloodline. explore the spectacular Pyrenean shepherds pups for sale in California (CA). Ouch! There are not Pyrenean Shepherd dog breeders in California.

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