Pyrenean mastiff rescue

A little bit about our kennels.

A favorite mastin - Bingo Tajadera del Tio Roy at the Tajadera del Tio Roy Kennels - Spain

Female mastines have some fun in the snow covered compound at Tierra Alta Kennels

A group of young Pyrenean Mastiffs lazing in the afternoon sun at the kennels

Tierra Alta Kennels

Our rescue cats - "Oreo" and "Whiskey"

Persian - "Pantera" - now one of the family

Rescue - "Ratzy" takes a quick cat nap!

In memory of Ratzy - 2002

"Foxy" - our rescued American Eskimo

A welcome from giant St. Bernard - Braveheart

Dedicated to our Braveheart - 2002

Thoroughbred - January Joy (J.J.) checks out visitors to the ranch

Our Goal: To assist in the preservation of our wonderful breed!

Our kennels began many years ago with our involvement with livestock guardian dogs, predominantly Great Pyrenees at that time. Our kennels are also now home to the magnificent giant ­ The Pyrenean Mastiff. Tierra Alta were the first importers and breeders of the Pyrenean Mastiff in the USA. All of our Foundation stock has been imported from its country of origin ­ Spain - and carefully selected and endorsed by their top breed experts and judges. In addition we also have imports from Finland and Czech Republic and now American bred. All our dogs are from the finest stock available today (Tajadera del Tio Roy, Castillo de Ali, Do Limoeiro, De Domus, El Bellotero, Rocaforte, Larresalkoak,

Del Paso del Oso, Moralet, Wela Brillante, Springstrand, IIrismaan, Bondadoso and Farma Stekot). Our dogs are very important to us and receive no less than the best. Tierra Alta Pyrenean Mastiff are registered F.C.I. and P.M.C.A. and are welcome at international and rare breed dog shows. At the kennels our dogs are raised in family groups and are well socialized from puppyhood. Our Pyrenean Mastiffs Am. Ch. Zoy Minero Tajadera del Tio Roy and Am. Ch. Elena Tajadera del Tio Roy have achieved the status in becoming the first U.S. champions of their breed since its arrival in this country followed by Am. Ch. Icaro de El Bellotero and Am. Ch. Iirismaan Big Babucha (first Finnish bred) and since that time many others. Bullonera Tajadera del Tio Roy made history and produced an early litter in October, 1997 making pups Zaragoza de la Tierra Alta and Pilar de la Tierra Alta the first American born Pyrenean Mastiffs. With the arrival of our Pyrenean Mastiffs the kennel name "Tierra Alta" was founded to represent the breed in the U.S.A. Since their arrival in this country the breed has prospered by the interest of a few breeder enthusiasts - who in working with Tierra Alta stock ­ have continued the efforts of preservation. We are very proud of all of these efforts and are sure many more will follow in the near future.

The Pyrenean Mastiff was bred to protect his flock and his territory, not trained to do so. It is this instinct that the breed still carries with it today. This great flock guardian is: highly intelligent, trustworthy, very active for a giant breed, easily trainable and gentle with children and the creatures it is to protect. Aggressive behavior will result only from the threat of attack or direct challenge. The Pyrenean Mastiff is truly an unspoiled breed. There are only about 5000 of these dogs in their home country today. Since the arrival of our first two mastins to the USA interest in the breed has continued to grow.

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