Portuguese hound

Portuguese water hound

portuguese water hound Bo, America's First Dog The Portuguese Water Dog has been bred for centuries as a working dog and companion for Portuguese coastal fisherman as a loyal retriever, net handler, and fish "herder". Today, the breed — affectionately known as the Portie or PWD — is well-regarded for its playful temperament and dynamic personality. Like the poodle. it is a single-coat breed that sheds little, benefitting families or children with allergies to pet dander.

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portuguese warren hound Portuguese Podengo Description: The Portuguese Podengo is an attractive, sturdy and efficient breed that comes in three distinct sizes: Grande, Medio, and Peque с o. The large has the appearance similar to the Ibizan Hound and is very rare, the medium size is smaller but identical and popular, and the smallest size is very similar to the Chihuahua in size and appearance, as well as popularity.

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