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Labradoodle – Labrador Retriever and Poodle Mix Information

poodle pointer mix The Labradoodle dog is a hybrid between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever. This mixed dog can have the looks, temperament, intelligence, health issues from either parent, so they’re a bit unpredictable in that regard. The physical traits of the Labradoodle can vary as well, so you can get one with a coat that is curly, wavy or straight, with soft or wiry hair. The typical Labradoodle will be friendly, a great choice for many families, with plenty of energy and great with kids.

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The Poodle

poodle pointer dog Oodles of poodles touch the hearts of countless thousands of dog owners Introduction A hush fell over the crowd as the elegant CH Whisperwind on a Carousel gaited around the ring, his head held high and the white powder puff anklets of his stylish continental "hairdo" appearing to float above the floor. Known to thousands of admirers as Peter, his 216 Group wins and 88 Best in Show wins made him the winningest male poodle of 1990.

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Pointer poodle

Pointer Breed Photo Breed Characteristics See All Characteristic Ratings Summary Bred for several hundred years to "point" birds and small game such as rabbits, the Pointer is a versatile field dog and exceptional family dog breed. He excels in many arenas, from the field to the show ring, agility to obedience. Energetic and fun-loving, he's well suited to active homes where he'll be a member of the family.

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