Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka Review

Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka in Maroon A few months ago, Remix did some modelling for Canada Pooch and I fell in love with this Alaskan Army Parka! Not only are we head over heels in love with the maroon shade but also the sherpa lining interior that’ll keep our little man warm in the winter. If you’re not too familiar with the Canadian winter, it can get ferociously chilly if you’re not too careful.

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Canada Pooch Cozy Caribou Hoodie in Marled Grey Size 18

The Canada Pooch Cozy Caribou Hoodie is an incredibly cozy sweater! It features a Sherpa lining for extra warmth. Features: Functional pocket for treat and bag storage Ribbing for snug fit Dual Velcro closure Button snap to secure hood in place Slit for leash or harness connection Ultra-soft cotton exterior with Sherpa lining Machine washable – refer to garment label Fitting Information:

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Canada Pooch Wellies Boots - Black - Large

canada pooch boots Product Description Introducing Wellies, the super stylish yet ultra-functional dog boot! Similar to the British Wellington Boots, these dog boots are made to protect your dog's paws from rain, snow, salt, mud, and tough city sidewalks. Wellies are designed with a soft and durable silicone rubber, making them not only waterproof but flexible and comfortable too! The ultra-wide opening and Velcro securing strap takes the stress out of putting them on.

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Canada Pooch Northern Knit Sweater in Maroon Size 14+

The Canada Pooch Northern Knit Sweater is a stylish sweater option for your pup. Stylish and lightweight with fleece lining! Features: Functional pocket for treat and bag storage A warm and lightweight option Ribbing for snug fit Size adjustable button closure at belly Zipper-adjustable neck width with fur-protector Slit for leash or harness connection Marled knitted exterior Ultra soft fleece lining

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Every day is an adventure at Canada Pooch

Duncan has one of the most important jobs in the world (at least he thinks so). His days include running errands, R&D, quality control, modeling apparel, waste management, networking with his colleagues (Bella, Maddie, Dexter, Molly and Romie), cuddling and, of course, warning everyone about the extreme danger each time the UPS delivery person arrives at the office. Duncan is a pug mix, and he and his ‘colleagues’ (Bella, Maddie, Dexter, Molly and Romie) are the other dogs that roam the offices of Canada Pooch.

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Cafe la pooch

cafe la pooch Welcome pet lovers to our site!  We offer personalized pet id tags and collars for your furry family member.   From traditional to boutique styles these come in a wide range of designs and colors to choose from.   All of our tags are of high quality and come with a split ring so that you may hang it on your pet's collar as soon as you receive it.   Other uses:  Keychain Accent, Kids Bookbags, Pendant or Pet Charm.

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C-Section Solutions: How to Eliminate the Pooch and Reduce the “Tummy Shelf”

Just in the last 2 weeks alone, I have randomly met THREE different moms who have asked me the same question. Then while reading my social media comments, I realize even MORE of you out there are hoping for my answer to (again) the same question. This is a sign, if you ask me. A sign that many mamas have a common problem and can’t seem to find help ANYWHERE! It’s a sign that you need me to blog about this.

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The Fucking C-Section Shelf Pooch

c section pooch before and after It’s all their faults, the fuckers. 2 C-sections. Now I have this THING. Granted, I’m on the fat side. But it’s so concentrated in my lower belly above my scar it’s strange looking! (That is NOT my belly…mine is bigger) What is this gigantic thing hanging from my body? Before kids I had a butt, but my waist was ridiculously small and I had no tummy. My mom used to have to take in my jeans at the waist.

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Get Rid of C-Section Belly Fat

Women who have Cesarean sections to give birth may struggle post-partum to get rid of C-section belly fat. This pooch of belly fat along the lower abdomen causes a good deal of concern, at least from an aesthetic standpoint. While some personal trainers may tell women who have had a C-section that the fat is impossible to lose and they will never have a flat tummy, this is not entirely true. The key for these women is in determining the source of the pooch and then dealing with it.

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Roots x Canada Pooch Dog Sweaters

Happy Saturday! I’ve always been a huge fan of the Roots brand so when they partnered with Canada Pooch to create the Roots x Canada Pooch dog sweaters line, we were ecstatic. The sweaters can be found online in their General Store section and there are two different styles — a knit sweater and a hoodie! If you’ve purchased apparel from Canada Pooch before, just stick with the same size you would normally buy.

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