Wash UP!

A comfortable introduction starts the bathing process. Your pooch gets gentle attention & affection as the bather gets a feel for the unique attention your dog needs. Your pooch will have a two-cycle rinse-and-wash from our expert bathers. We use only the most gentle shampoos. We calmly towel dry your pooch and use only the minimum possible blow drying. We then trim their nails (with ultra-smooth Dremel service upon request), clean their ears and brush their teeth. Once your pooch is dry, we brush them and do a final inspection before we call you to pick them up!

Tidy UP!

A Tidy UP! includes everything included in the Wash UP! as well as a face trim (no more hairs in the eyes), pad and paw trim, and a sanitary trim or shave. This must be booked with Deb or Emily, our groomers, to attend to your pooch’s needs!


Everything included in Wash UP! plus a full body haircut to breed standard – or your own style catered to your dog’s unique personality! We love pictures, descriptions or even adjectives – get creative and let a new side of your dog show through!

All options include:
Choice of Hypo-Allergenic or Oatmeal Shampoo | Nail Trim (filing upon request +$5) | Scooty Booty (outer anal gland expression)

Shed a lot? We use a natural shed treatment formulated to decrease shedding by releasing loose hair and undercoat. Treatment is combined with use of deshed techniques and tools to get rid of all the unwanted hair (on your pooch and everywhere else!).

Dirty Dog

Does your dog LOVE getting dirty? We use a

natural degreaser and deodorizer that gets even the filthiest dog clean and shiny! Additional fees apply to de-skunk.

Matted Grungy Dog

We use a demat treatment and leave in conditioner to help your dog and their coat feel nice and smooth. Recommended between grooms for long hair dogs. ONLY AN OPTION ONCE THE BATHER/GROOMER HAS SEEN THE DOG. Severe matting not included. Consult groomer.

Personalized appointments – For the comfort of your pooch, we groom by appointment only. Grooms take 2–4 hours, depending on the size and condition at the time of grooming. We’ll call you 15 minutes before your pooch is complete. If you are more than an hour after we call you, you’ll be charged an $8/hour fee.

Cancellations – Please provide one day notice. Day-of-groom cancellations will incur an additonal fee at next appointment.

No Shows -Two or more No Shows and customer must pay in full prior to services are rendered.

The Fine Print

  • We reserve the right to discontinue the groom at anytime for the safety of our employees and your pooch.
  • Fleas, ticks, medical issue, special needs, and de-skunking will incur additonal fees.
  • Severly matted dogs will incur an additonal fee.

Hours of Operation

Retail, Daycare and Boarding Hours
6:30 am – 8 pm - Mon. – Fri.
8 am – 7 pm - Sat.
8 am – 6 pm - Sun.

Dogs can be dropped off or picked up during these hours.
NOTE: For your convenience, we also have late night pickup available from closing up to Midnight at an extra charge

Grooming Hours
10 am - 6 pm Everyday
Available by appointment only

Nail trims after 5pm, please call (773) 942-6445 for availability.

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