It’s National Dog Day, So Let’s Pick Pop Culture’s Greatest Pooch

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It’s National Dog Day, So Let’s Pick Pop Culture’s Greatest Pooch

It’s National Dog Day, So Let’s Pick Pop Culture’s Greatest Pooch

Aug. 26 is National Dog Day, a day to celebrate man’s best friend, and when it comes to the dogs of pop culture, there are plenty to choose from—you have your Marmadukes. your Old Yellers. your Scoobies Doo. So devoted are we to our furry friends that there's even a website to warn you if one dies in a book or film. But which pooch is pop culture’s greatest. We picked our favorite canine candidates, and now it’s time for you to vote for the top dog.

A feature-length animated tribute to the allure of a jaunty rapscallion from the wrong side of the tracks, Walt Disney’s The Lady and the Tramp prompted an epically hilarious rant in Whit Stillman’s The Last Days of Disco by an uptight fellow who accused the film of idealizing a “self-confessed chicken thief and all-around sleaze ball” and “programming women to adore jerks.” Yes, Tramp, that adorable, collarless mutt, is disreputable and (at the beginning at least) a bit of cynic, but all it takes to redeem a guy like that is the true love of a dainty purebred cocker spaniel, right? –Laura Miller, books and culture columnist

Pity poor Gromit, the unspeaking, eye-rolling, put-upon hero of Aardman's stop-motion Wallace and Gromit films. Sure, Wallace is the hero in this relationship, but

it's his loyal pooch who tends to solve the mysteries, rescue the damsels, and generally have any idea that the world isn't the cheese-filled, benevolent place Wallace believes it to be. He represents all dogs that are secretly smarter than their so-called owners—but who love them anyway. —Dan Kois, culture editor

Snowy (French: Milou ), The Adventures of Tintin

A central character in The Adventures of Tintin from the strip’s debut in 1929 to its conclusion in the mid-’70s, Snowy may be the most well-traveled dog of all time. What other pup has flown to the moon (in his own adorable custom space suit, no less!), explored the depths of the ocean. and climbed the mountains of Tibet. Heroic to the point of foolhardiness, Snowy has saved his human friends on numerous occasions, but he also knows how to party. Indeed, given his love for whiskey, this adorable terrier might be described as a literal boozehound. —Jacob Brogan, Future Tense research associate

In a world of star canines, Asta (born Skippy) rules over them all. The adorable Wire Fox Terrier does his own thing with spunk and commitment, whether it’s protecting his family from other home-wrecking pups or ducking for cover when things get rough. But he’s a devoted companion, too, helping Nick and Nora sniff out clues during their alcohol-fueled mystery-solving adventures. Smart, athletic, and (sometimes) brave—basically, he’s everything you’d ever want in a dog. —Aisha Harris, staff writer

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