***The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer is open for grooming 7 days a week!***

The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer offers highly skilled, professionally trained, kennel-free, grooming services with which to shower your pooch with love.

Full-Service Professional Grooming is done by appointment. Professional Grooming is available in packages: BATH, MINI-GROOM and FULL-GROOM packages. The BATH package includes the bath, blow dry, ear cleaning & hair removal, nail trim and gland expression. The MINI-GROOM package includes the BATH package plus a face & foot trim and a belly shave. The FULL-GROOM package include the MINI-GROOM package plus a full body haircut. Appointments are strongly suggested as walk-in’s are only accepted if an appointment time is available.

A-La-Carte services are also available on a walk-in basis or in addition to a grooming package. A-La-Carte services such as a Nail trim, Ear Cleaning, Face trim, Belly Shave, Gland Expression, De-Shedding or De-Matting can be enjoyed on a walk-in basis…no appointment needed. Any of our A-La-Carte services, to include the additional services of a Flea Bath, De-Matting and

Nail Polish, can be added to a full-service grooming package.

All Professional Grooming Service appointments are salon-style as we are a kennel-free facility. Salon-style grooming provides low stress grooming as it is allows one-on-one time between the dog and the groomer. Salon-style grooming also supports low stress grooming as the dog is only here for the duration of the appointment. Once the appointment is over, the dog is ready to go home.

Please call 407.715.6794 to schedule your professional grooming appointments and to confirm grooming hours for walk-in services such as nail trims.

PLEASE NOTE.The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer is kennel-free; we do not kennel or board. It is our policy that each grooming appointment is for the appointment time only. The groomer will pamper the dog for the entire duration of the appointment. Therefore, a timely appointment drop-off and groomer consult is done at the beginning of the appointment time, and a timely appointment pick-up and inspection is done at the end of the appointment time.

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