I am the owner/mom of Archie, a miniature wirehaired dachshund. As a dachshund owner we always have to ensure that our pets are properly taken care of due to their long bodies and curious nature. You see Archie is my four-legged child, and like any responsible parent, we always strive to ensure that family member are being taken care of in a safe environment.

Previous to the The Posh Pooch, I had Archie at another doggie daycare and after a short time there I noticed a change in him. He would tremble are the end of the counter and was reluctant to come when called when it was time to leave in the morning. I had to make a decision to either kennel him at home for more than 9 hours a day or try to find another doggie daycare that had convient hours. I chose to find another daycare for him and am exteremly happy that I found The Posh Pooch.

The staff is awesome at this doggie daycare. They take excellent care of all the dogs in their care. It is such a relief and pleasure to see Archie excited with

anticipation again. He’s so excited that when he enters the building, he takes off running towards the door where the small dog area is. He can’t wait to see how many of his doggie buddies are there waiting to play. When I pick him up, he is so exhauseted that he falls asleep on the way home! The staff has Archie so spoiled, that he has a bed, plus just as many toys their to play with as he does at home. He really enjoys his cuddle/snuggle time with the staff!

The owners, Danny and Janet Birt are continuously expanding their facility which is always in the best interest of their clients.

Archie has/had an issue of not being fond of men, but since going to The Posh Pooch, this issue is gradually disappearing, he even allows Danny to hold him!

When I drop him off in the morning, and head off to work, I have full confidence that he is in excellent care and I can have a worry free day at work. I wouldn’t hesitiate in recommending others to take their dog to The Posh Pooch.

Cathy Burt a.k.a Archies mom

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