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The manager demostrated unprofesional misconduct by being desrespectful, by not being courteous and polite. After paying for a half of day of doggy day care, I asked the manager for an receipt. She demand /order me " Give me a minute" instead of utilizing excellent interpersonal skills in asking, such as "Please". I address the issue with her. she did not apologize for her misconduct, nor did she try to correct herself. Also,the care of my dog was not well, for she was thirsty afer leaving the Place. We all deserve good customer service, Please avoid this company

  • RUDE RUDE RUDE. I went to P.

    RUDE RUDE RUDE. I went to Pooch Patio to find out their prices & services inf for My elderly neighbors & asked if I could check out the place & was told its for employees only, I said I would'nt feel good about leaving My neighbors dog there without seeing for Myself what the condition of their facility is like, & the girl told me " It's not your dog what do you care?" So I said I'll take care of their dog before I ever bring her here. That was just too much rudeness for My taste =(

    I had visited 3 other groomers on Oak Lawn and I was not happy with any of them--too expensive, bad attitude,\r my dog's instructions weren't followed! I had gotten a coupon for $5 off grooming at Kroeger and decided to give them a try! The groomer met with me personally, and my dog's groom was PERFECT! I loved their cologne too! And I was able to buy her some other bows to change out. I thought they were competitively priced and very personable.

  • AWESOME Happy Hour

    I recently had a work happy hour for clients and their dogs at the Pooch Patio. It was a huge success! The pup cakes were awesome, staff was so friendly and helpful. We had a wonderful selection of beers and wine! I will definetly come here again with my pup for beer/wine/coffee!\r \r So GREAT!

  • Best Dog Grooming Ever!

    My dog is half cocker spaniel half king charles cavalier and when i decide to officially groom her for the first time and the second time i called pooch patio and spoke with them about the difficult challenge of grooming a mixed breed and they were fantastic. \r My pooch looks great and i have gotten so many compliments on her cut that i must encourage all to go here for basic or difficult cuts.

    I think that the quality of care my dog received is pretty good based on her mood when she returned. She seemed tired (which is a good thing) and she was not scared. My only complaint would be that the muttcam for the small dog room was not working properly. I was never able to see her in the true environment. Also, when I called to talk to a lady about it, she hung up the phone on me..kind of rude. I would say that I would bring my dog back once the muttcam is fixed.

    I am a long term client of The Pooch Patio and my animals love attending the doggy day care.\r The facility is extremely clean, the staff is knowledgeable & professional and my dogs get top notch care.\r The groomers do wonderful work on my pets and there has never been a nick or cut on them after their grooming. The groomers are extremely careful, kind and gentle with your animals which is very important to owners. The Pooch Patio is the ONLY place I will take my pets and I highly recommend them to anyone

    who is looking for superior services for your pet needs. Thank you for all your hard work and kindness to my animals. \r AC-Dallas

  • Great place for the pooch

    I kind of don't want to write this lest the secret get out, but I think we owe the owners. We've been taking our dog Zoe there for over 6 months. After witnessing the ""factory"" type of doggie day cares (which is actually close by the pooch patio but no where near as good with your pet) I wanted a place where our dog would be supervised. She has a ""jumping"" habit and tends to be able to jump over gates at other places. \r \r Anyway - at the pooch patio your pet gets supervision most, if not all, of the time. The facilities are great and they get to know you and your dog. Boarding is a snap. Zoe actually waits to see if we're going to say ""you ready?"" in the morning and then gets excited since she knows it means day care day. Previously, she'd resist getting out of the car. Now she jumps out and is excited to go. It costs a little bit more than the last place, but it's well worth it! Great business.

  • GREAT business concept all in one place, very clean facility

    I have tried more day cares throughout the metroplex than I care to admit ""shopping around"" for the best day care and boarding facility for Winston. I even drove 15 miles in the opposite direction of my work to one based upon recommendations I received from avid day-care goers at the dog park and after being poorly treated by the immature staff and smelling the facility upon entry, I refused to leave my dog there for the day. I fortunately found out about The Pooch Patio on Citysearch and decided to give it a try. Not only was I incredibly impressed by cleanliness and overall adorable character of the business itself, but was offered a Puppucino while I filled out my paperwork, and given a full facility tour at drop-off. The staff was so professional and personable and I knew immediately that Winston had found his new home away from home. I have now been going to The Pooch Patio for over a month now, the staff all knows me by name, and provides me a report card and home-made treat bag for Winston at pick-up! I see such a huge difference in the quality of care for their client's vs. the other facilities I frequented. Winston and I give The Pooch Patio our vote for being as they advertise ""the ulti-mutt place"" for you and your dog.

  • Cleanest facility in town! Great staff.

    I am a flight attendant and have moved with my ""daughter"" Gracie 7 times in the last 2 years. Needless to say, I have become an expert at finding her that home away from home when she can't be with me due to my travel schedule. I arrived in Dallas, located 6 facilities for me to tour and The Pooch Patio was the fourth facility I saw. I walked in without calling ahead, was greeted by an extremely professional and courteous staff (the owner was even onsite), was given a facility tour without an appointment and they answered all of my questions without hesitation. I have since left Gracie in their care weekly and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. The facility is constantly getting upgrades, is so meticulously clean and I can't say enough nice things about the staff! I trust Gracie in their care without question! Two paws up for me (and four for Gracie)!!


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