The Pooch Parlor

8715 Flatlands Ave
Brooklyn. NY 11236
(718) 676-0789

This place is my new go to for grooming, Joann is truly a doll. She is every nice thing that the reviews have said about her. I called ahead of time and asked if it would be ok to bring my dog, most times you get told that these places are full and you need to make a reservation. and all that jazz, but she said sure I have a few dogs but bring him down. Once I get there she was very welcoming and helpful, told me about a few helpful products I could use on my dog and over all how to maintain a healthy environment for him. As soon as I got home I put into affect everything she had told me and I have to say its working. I don't see myself taking my dog anywhere else for his grooming.

This was my first time going to the Pooch Parlor and I must say I fell in love. The ladies were so nice and welcoming I felt very comfortable leaving my dog with them. They did an excellent job with my dogs haircut. I will definitely be going back

Joann is amazing. She was beyond helpful and patient. My Milo looks so handsome and smells wonderful. By far the best grooming he's ever gotten. The Pooch Parlor is terrific. Definitely bring your pups if you want a precise and well done cut.

I have been using Joanne for 2 years. First with my poodle who sadly passed. Now I have a new puppy (maltese mix) and I am still super satisfied. She even puts nail polish on their fingers if you want, and they come away with cute bows on their ears or nice lil handkerchiefs around their necks. and the smell of the shampoo is awesome! reasonable prices and lots of love an care! definitely recommend

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The Pooch Parlor

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The Pooch Parlor

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The Pooch Parlor

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Thu-Fri 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Sat 8:00 am - 6:00 pm


The Pooch Parlor located in Brooklyn, NY caters to services dedicated to the love and well-being of cats and dogs. Everyone at our facility has a deep love for animals and a deep desire to make sure they are happy and feel love themselves. Our main focus is to provide a safe, clean, and welcoming atmosphere for all of the dogs and cats that grace us with their presence. As well as the parents of these fine animals, we want them to feel as though this is their pet's home away from home. Choosing a grooming facility that fits your needs is so important and we are happy that you have chosen our location.

The dog grooming portion of our facility is designed to make the dogs and cats feel comfortable. Some animals are not seasoned to being groomed, and they feel some tension or stress, which can convey as defiant behavior. Our highly trained grooming staff are able to quell these types of situations most of the time. We always recommend discussing nay ill behavior your pet might have toward the pet styling or other pet services, for everyone's protection. It is important that we know if your pet has some reserves so that our team is able to adjust the leads or make other adjustments so the situation is less hairy for your dog or cat.

Our grooming treatments include a variety of services from the regular stuff like wash and dry, to gently combing out the knots, etc.

The Pooch Parlor

Category: Pooch

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