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Small dog breeds come from various groups, thus there is a great breed for people who love the cutest dog breeds when it comes to activity level, personality, and coat type. Take into consideration that small dogs are not just cute dog breeds. A lot of them are quite strong. Small breed dogs are not particularly required to work off large amounts of energy, thus they are quite appropriate for life inside an apartment. However, not all small dog breeds are just there to warm your lap. There are particular miniature dog breeds such as small terriers or Dachshunds that would enjoy life in the country and possibility if going around in a farm. Also, if your family has really young kids, guarantee that your little dog has enough space to be away from the children or think again about your breed choice. There are many toy dog breeds that are too fragile to compete with a noisy family with young kids and require that they stay in an environment that is quieter. Found below are the descriptions of some of the best small dog breeds.

The Brussels Griffon is a toy dog that is smart, focused, and strong, that has a short thickset body, a smart set up and carriage, getting attention through an expression that is almost human. This toy dog has two unique kinds of coat: smooth or rough.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a graceful, well-balanced, and active toy spaniel, truly free and happy in action; sporting and fearless in character, yet simultaneously affectionate and gentle. It is this usual happy temperament, with a royal appearance and true elegance that are of utmost significance in the breed.

The Chihuahua is part of the smallest dog breeds. It is an alert, graceful, and swift moving compact little dog that has a saucy expression. It has a temperament with terrier-like qualities.

The Chinese Crested is a toy dog, elegant, fine-boned, and graceful. The particular varieties come from similar litter. The Hairless has hair only on the tail, head, and feet and the Powderpuff is covered completely with hair.

The Dachshund is close to the ground, has a long body and short legs, with strong muscular development; elastic skin that is pliable with no excess wrinkling. Physically looking neither awkward, crippled, nor cramped in his ability to move, the Dachshund is well balanced via strong and confident head carriage and has an alert and intelligent facial expression.

The English Toy Spaniel is a cobby, compact, and basically a square toy dog that has a domed head, short nose, a happy and affectionate demeanor, and a flowing and silky coat. His sturdy and compact body and temperament that is charming, along with its lustrous dark eye, rounded head, and face that is well cushioned, show that he is a dog of character and distinction.

The Havanese is a sturdy and small dog with great charm. It is a Cuban native dog, and is well loved and is considered as the smartest dog breeds that is a friendly and playful companion.

The Italian Greyhound is very much the same as the Greyhound, yet more slender and much smaller in all proportions and is of great grace and elegance.

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The Japanese Chin is a well balanced, small, aristocratic, and lively toy dog that has a unique Oriental expression. In action, it is light and stylish.

The Maltese is a toy dog that is covered from head to toe with a mantle of silky, long, white hair. His manner is affectionate and gentle, sprightly and eager when moving. Moreover, even with its size, he has great vigor.

The Miniature Pinscher in his structure is strong, well balanced, short coupled, compact, and smooth coated dog. He is naturally a proud, vigorous, well groomed, and alert dog.

The Norfolk Terrier is hardy and game, with ears that are expressively dropped, is one of the littlest of the working terriers. It is compact and active, moves freely, with good bone and substance.

The Norwich Terrier is stocky and spirited with fragile ears that are prickly and a slight fox expression. It is one of the littlest terriers that are working. This is a strong descendent of the ratting companions and they are eager to chase small vermin by itself or with a pack. They have good substance and bone and has a coat that is almost weatherproof.

The Papillon is a friendly, small, and elegant toy dog with a fine bone structure, dainty, light, and of lively activity. It is distinguished from other breeds through its beautiful ears that are beautiful butterfly like.

The Pekingese is a compact and well balanced dog coming from China with light hindquarters and a heavier front. It has a temperament of independence, directness, and individuality.

The Pomeranian, a short backed, active, and compact toy dog with a descent that is Nordic. Its double coat has an undercoat that is shortly dense.

The Schipperke is an active and fast watchdog and vermin hunter. In its physical appearance, he is a thickset, small, black, cobby, and tailless dog that has a face that is fox like.

The Shih Tzu is a strong, alert, and lively toy dog that has a long flowing double coat. Show9ing his noble Chinese ancestry, it is a highly prized and valued companion and palace pet. Moreover, the Shih Tzu has a proud bearing and has a uniquely arrogant carriage with head well up and tail curved over the back.

The Silky Terrier is truly a toy terrier with an average low set, of refined bone structure, slightly longer than tall, but with enough substance to recommend that it has the ability to kill and hunt domestic rodents. His coat has a texture that is silky, parted from the stop to tail and shows a not sculptured appearance but still well groomed.

The Toy Fox Terrier is a toy and terrier, which has affected his character and personality. Being a terrier, the Toy Fox Terrier has courage, keen intelligence, and animation.

The Manchester is a black, small, short coated dog with unique rich mahogany markings and a taper style tail. In its structure, the Manchester has a sturdy, sleek, with an elegant look, and has a wedge shape, long, and clean head with a bright, keen, and alert expression.

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