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Smoochie Pooch Coral Bomber Jacket

The winter freeze is just around the corner and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to make sure your dog’s winter wardrobe is ready to go. Buying one or two new pieces, reflecting the current trends of the season, is always a great idea and fun to shop around for. There’s a huge selection in every price range. Not everyone can afford to spend champagne prices on winter dog clothes and you don’t need to. Let’s sift through the overwhelming choices to hone in on what I think are some stylish choices at great prices.

If you like wool or lined canvas, belted belly, covered belly, we are going to take a look at and review five of the most popular or, in our case pupular, ones.

Smoochie Pooch White Bomber Jacket

When I’m shopping for an everyday winter coat for Sophie, I look for something that is practical in the dirt and grime of New York City. I look for warmth. especially since Sophie has very thin hair and her chest and belly are exposed to the elements. Some of you may have the same concerns with your dog. So I like wide belts that cover a lot of her underside or coats that have closures on either side and completely cover her belly.

I also look for a style and fabric I love, so when she is out and about, I like the way she looks. Finally, I look for great fit. The most beautiful coat will look frumpy or uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit well.

I’m going to be looking at all these things in the coats I’m reviewing today. Here we go:

1) Smoochie Pooch Coral Bomber Jacket

This adorable, ruffled, bejeweled and feminine bomber jacket is a statement piece that will turn heads. The zipper up the back makes for easy on/off. It’s a poly cotton blend with a quilted detailing and lining to keep your dog warm. The double D-ring attachment makes it easy to just snap on the leash. This jacket is machine washable for easy care and lay flat to dry. Not all sizes are available so this gets a 4/5 rating.

Sizing. Also available in sizes XXS, L. XL, XXL, 3XL

2) Smoochie Pooch White Bomber Jacket

A winter white version of the coral bomber is also available, also bejeweled and with ruffle detailing down the back. Also with D-rings for leash attachment. Also machine washable, lay flat to dry. Not all sizes available so this is getting a 4/5 rating.

ABO Gear Lt. Blue Waterproof Coat

3) ABO Gear

I like this coat for larger dogs and I’ll tell you why. Larger dogs have more natural protection from the cold. I love that this coat is waterproof and breathable, but it is completely open on the chest and belly. This is fine for a large dog with a good coat like this Lab shown. But I wouldn’t choose this for a small dog on a very cold day. This is a great transitional coat for a small dog. And I love the color. It’s that pastel blue that’s very on trend this season. This coat is machine washable, made of polyester with 600D ripstop, breathable and waterproof fabric so your dog can maintain its natural body temperature. The coat features elastic hind leg straps to secure it in place and has hook and eye closures. There are adjustable straps so you can get that good fit we talked about that makes the coat look and feel great on your dog.

Price. $21.24 – $38.24, depending on size (Save up to 15%)

4) Petsoo Camo Coat

Petsoo Puppy Camo Coat

This cotton-filled coat is nice and warm, and I love the camouflage fabric. I love the snaps and patches and the faux fur hood. The coat is very easy to get on and off; closures are snaps all along the underbelly so the underside is completely covered and it keeps your little baby toasty. It’s machine washable.

Price. On sale from $19.99 to $42.00, depending on size

5) Plaid Design Parka

This very cute, trendy red plaid fabric is combined with a blended wool and twill overcoating. This means warmth. The easy snap closure means quick going on and off your dog and the belly is completely covered. The quilted poly lining adds extra warmth. I normally wouldn’t go for a poly lining, but combined with the blended wool and twill, I do think your dog will stay warm. Faux fur around the hood adds a nice stylish accent and I like how the hood is held in place with a buckle in the back. I can’t tell you how many times a hooded jacket with get in Sophie’s eyes because I doesn’t have a way to secure it. This coat is recommended only for smaller dogs like a Chihuahua and Miniature Doberman, which is why it’s getting a 4 rating and not a 5.

Price. $21 and free shipping on orders over $25

The North Paw Puffy Dog Vest in Deep Raspberry

6) The North Paw Puffy Dog Vest

I love this product. It’s a quilted puffy vest so it’s very warm and the ripstop outer fabric will repel wind and water. It comes in great colors – deep raspberry as shown; olive, red, cobalt blue and black. I love that this piece works well for large and small dogs. It is easy to put on and take off with a velcro closure from neck to belly. And the reflective strip around the collar is a great safety feature. I also like that it comes in a variety of sizes, so one should work for almost any dog.

Sizing. XXS-XL; 8-24″ Length

Pets Life Winter White Snow Parka

7) Pet Life Winter White Snow Parka

This is a top-rated winter coat in the very fashionable black and white trend. It’s super cute, has the great 3M Thinsulate technology inserted between the fabric and lining, which regulates your dog’s body temperature so they don’t get too hot or cold, it’s breathable, fleece-lined in black, has ribbed sleeves and faux fur trim on the hood for added warmth. The coat goes on and comes off easily with velcro closures. I love the toggle detail on the back. It adds an interesting and collegiate feature.

Sizing. Available in XS (8-10), S (10-12), M (14-16)

8) Anima Blue Princess Dog Jacket

Anima Princess Snow Coat

Something strictly for the girls…this on trend, pastel blue little puffer hoodie is irresistible. It’s a quilted, water-resistant poly blend with lining. A faux fur trim around the hood adds to it’s warmth and charm. And the cutest thing are the faux fur pom pom balls on the end of the hood drawstrings. Off the Adora-Meter! With this pastel color, it’s good to know the coat is machine washable for easy care.

These are just a few of the many winter dog jackets available. Hope I covered a good variety. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Happy shopping!

Until next time…

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