Polish lowland sheepdog for sale uk

polish lowland sheepdog for sale uk

Kizwiz, our Kennel name was first used in 1982 when our first Bearded Collie litter arrived. the mother was Kizzy and Wiz was the nickname of our children’s (and their Dad’s) favourite teacher, so Kizwiz was born.

Roza was our first Polish Lowland Sheepdog or PON for short ( Polski Owczarek Nizinny) arrived from her breeder Margaret Thresher in 1997.

We are now up to 6 Pons which make for a full fascinating day. They live in the house with us near Cardigan, West Wales. Though the Pons accept being on their own they are happiest when with their family. They are lovely with our grandchildren They have a mutual admiration society.

They are bright and have been used in Poland to watch over, guard and herd not only sheep but apparently cattle and pigs, so they do need firm handling. Our Pons will herd our sheep when allowed and we haven't specifically trained them for herding.

They can bark loudly

at intruders, but are friendly when introduced. They are intelligent dogs which use their initiative so need to be trained from as early as possible.

They need regular grooming, at least weekly. This really needs commitment as matts are quick to form & slow to get rid of.

They will eat most things. Ours love vegetables, apples and I am sorry to say sheep droppings as well as the usual dog food. The problem is keeping their weight under control.

If you allow a PONS into your life you will never regret it except perhaps wish you had had one sooner.

We are Kennel Club Accredited Breeder and occasionally we have Pups for sale.

We all live in West Wales at Cardigan

Ann is at present Secretary to the Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club of Wales.and the West of England

On their website you will find details of the HISTORY, and CONFORMATION of the breed

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