Neapolitan mastiff south africa

neapolitan mastiff south africa

Following the Anglo-Boer war at the turn of the century, the locally bred dogs were further cross-bred with various imported dogs, possibly including early varieties of the Bulldog. the Great Dane. the Saint Bernard, the Bull Terrier and later the Bullmastiff. thereby consolidating the mastiff component of the breed mix which was already present. The Rhodesian Ridgeback undoubtedly also contributed to the gene pool of the Boerboel.

While the Mastiff component in the Boerboel is undeniable, in some

Boerboel pictures, the Rhodesian Ridgeback influence is clearly discernable.

The history of the Boerboel and the Afrikaners is largely interwoven. The Boers (the early South Africans) who refused to live under British rule, took their families and animals with them on the Groot Trek (Great Trek) to interior regions beyond the sphere of British influence. The Boerboel shared the harsh conditions of the mass exodus, traveling long distances, guarding and protecting the belongings of his masters by night.

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