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I don't think there is a breed called a King Corso. It looks like either the breeder is called King, thus King's Corso, or someone misunderstood the word Cane as 'cain'. It is an Italian word pronounced 'ca-nay'. Hope that helps.

I have a 9month old King Cane Corso Mastiff on the border of

Russia outside my summer house in Viljandi, Estonia. He's 9months old is on a pure no grain diet slender but huge 143lbs and 27.5 inches at center of back. I feed Merkins and NAtures Raw Instince 4 eggs on sunday brush teeth and coat every night wet towl bath every day. He's an angel. I do Breed hes a 3rd gen Champion IKU WORLD from both gramps dads grams and moms were champs hes true brindle(rare)

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