Types of mastiff breeds

However the true origin of the Molosser breeds is not known. They are one of the few breeds that appear in reality as well as in legends. According to the legend they descend from a dog named Laeleps. Hephaestus forged Laeleps from Demonesian bronze, put a soul into it, and gave it to Zeus. After numerous owners, it was turned to stone, but presumably not before it had sired a race of mighty dogs.

What we know for sure is that dogs accompanied people on their migrations, and were carried by traders and warriors over the great trade routes, which existed from prehistoric times, and during the great battles.

However, there is still no consensus on the routes of human migration in ancient times and as a result there can be none on dogs.

It is commonly said that civilization truly began in Mesopotamia, with the Sumerians around 3000 B.C. The Sumerians were a race of great traders. They visited the cities on the Indus River in Asia and went inland as well along the Nile over land and by ship. They were also an agricultural nation raising sheep, goats and pigs, for which they most probably needed guardian dogs and probably herding dogs.

From Mesopotamia, dogs would have been taken west to Egypt, Turkey, Lybia, Greece, Rome, Syracuse, Carthage and Spain.

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