Sam – 6 year old male Fell Terrier

Sam is a 6 year old male Fell Terrier. Sam would prefer to live as an only pet in a single person household, as he was brought up this way. He needs a secure terrier-proof garden. Sam displays terrier excitement meeting dogs outside and prefers to associate with his handler. He is happy to be out and about and is a good companion. Sam needs a Terrier-experienced owner to get the measure of him; he is not for novice owners.

Sam grew up with his owner, who moved in with his girlfriend and her two large dogs. Sam found this arrangement too stressful and was separated from the family. He would mix with the other dogs when muzzled but he wasn’t confident living with giants, or dogs generally. Sam is neutered and fully vax’d. He is used to travelling in the car and accompanying his owner out and about.

Sam is a dear little soul. Sam needs a steady, quiet lifestyle where he can make his owner the centre of his world and they, in turn, him. He enjoys his walks and once bonded is very connected to his person. Sam is a tad fearful of dogs by instinct, and is happy to return

close to his owner’s side. Ideally, Sam would prefer low dog density areas. He is affectionate and needs a ‘Best Buddy’ relationship. Sam is housetrained and crate trained; he is happy with companionship and contented to be left for 3-4 hour periods. Sam is nervous of loud bangs and so requires an extender lead on walks so he can explore his curiosity but remain safe with his owner. A new Best Friend will have him smiling that huge Sam smile.

Sam is a tiny six year old Black and Tan Fell Terrier. Sam is lad with little flesh on him; he is a worrier and is hyper-aware of his surroundings. He is affectionate but not a true lap dog; he is busy and also responsive. Sam knows his commands. He is a true terrier: ever the friend, but has that admirable independent spirit!

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Please note that this dog is currently in boarding kennels and is also available to foster until a ‘forever home’ is found.

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