Cost of Bladder Stone Surgery

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Hi there. I don't know the cost of bladder stone surgery, but I wanted to pass on some information, and a warning, that I hope will be helpful about this condition. A couple of months ago we lost our beloved 7-year-old lab to complications from bladder stones. She showed no symptoms at all of a bladder or urinary condition until early one Sunday morning when she was unable to urinate at all. We immediately took her to the vet, her bladder was drained and they did an ultrasound that clearly showed bladder stones. The vet thought the condition could be treated with meds (antibiotics) and a special acidic food that should dissolve the stones. During her vet visit she had an injected sedative, then as the exam got more physical she was given inhaled anesthesia, then before we took her home she was given an injected pain med. According to the vet, it was all very routine and no problems were anticipated, but several hours later our dog just stopped breathing. No one is sure what happened, but I suspect she either had a reaction to the meds or the anesthesia, or a combination of all three. I'm sure the vet did everything right, it was just one of those things. But my

advice to you is, please, PLEASE if your dog has bladder stones, do something about it NOW. The chances of complications increase if the stones get too large and block urination. And often, damage is being done before you ever see symptoms. If your vet doesn't think that a special dog food made for this condition will help, and if he's recommending surgery, please schedule it right away, or you might face the loss of your dog. It cost us $400 for that Sunday morning vet visit, but I'd have paid even more if she had just shown syptoms (symptoms) earlier than she did. The earlier something like this is detected and treated, either through diet or surgery, the more likely of a positive outcome.

And if surgery is recommended, and it's a little pricey for you, talk to your vet about payment arrangements. Most of them are willing to set up a payment schedule for things like this.

But again, please don't wait to do whatever the vet recommends. Our vet said those stones grow very, very fast and can cause a lot of discomfort, even if your dog isn't showing any symptoms.

Hope it all goes well for you and your dog.

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