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kerry blue terrier puppies Kerry Blue Terrier Description: The Kerry Blue Terrier is gentle, lovable and intelligent. They are an all-around working and utility terrier. They are successful in herding sheep and cattle. They also excel in guarding, trailing, police work and just being playful. Kerry Blues, like their name, are a rich bluish gray color, but they don't start out that way. Kerry Blue Terriers carry what is known as the "fading gene", apparent in some breeds such as the Briard.

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kerry blue terrier price T he Kerry Blue Terrier is named for County Kerry in Ireland where the unusual blue-coated dogs originated. The distinctively-coloured Kerry Blue Terrier is believed to have Irish Wolfhound and Irish Terrier blood in his veins. He was used by Irish shepherds and farmers as a working and herding dog to hunt and kill rats and other barnyard vermin. He was also used as a guard dog, herding dog, retriever of game, and companion.

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Kerry Blue Terrier Temperament The Kerry Blue Terrier is strong-headed and can commonly found in high spirits. Loyal, affectionate, and gentle, these dogs can be considered mean to smaller dogs but have very kind hearts. Because of their size and stature, many have been used as competitive dogs and have even been nicknamed "Blue Devils" for their toughness and competitive streak. Modern breeders commonly take advantage of this breed's natural aggressive qualities, and the dog can be very vocal and especially aggressive as a puppy.

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Click above to visit with our gone but never forgotten Kerry kids Beltane Kerries is dedicated to the loving memory of Mythrin's River Dance The Kerry who started it all. River tragically left us at the age of 14 months. She was diagnosed with Progressive Neuronal Abiotrophy (PNA), a rare genetic neurological disease. Back in 1995 I discovered the joy of the Kerry Blue, it was two more years before my first Kerry arrived in this world and into my life.

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Are you looking for a Kerry Blue Terrier Puppy? You have come to the right place! Adding a new puppy to your family is a big decision. By finding a good reputable breeder you have the best chance of purchasing a healthy puppy, with good temperament. It can be very difficult to find a reputable breeder. When you are shopping for a purebred AKC registered puppy you have resources available to insure you will be dealing with reputable, responsible and dedicated breeders by only dealing with breeders who are members of their breed's AKC parent club or a recognized AKC chapter club.

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kerry blue terrier information Written by m4st3r@dmin at Oct 31st 2014 Kerry Blue Terrier is a brave dog, intelligent, independent and versatile. For appearance, as the name suggests (Blue Kerry), this dog has a distinctive coat colors and soft steel, wool hair. They have strong muscles and bones, short back with long legs terrier, soft coat, dense, wavy, and blue-gray typical. This dog came from County Kerry, Ireland. Often called the Blue Terrier Kerry Ireland.

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kerry blue terrier grooming 1. Introduction Introduction This photographic overview of grooming a Kerry Blue Terrier is intended to help beginning and novice Kerry owners understand the Kerry trim and learn how it is achieved. It is also meant to help amateur Kerry groomers improve their techniques, and introduce nongrooming Kerry owners to trimming techniques they can pass on to their local groomers. Ultimately, it is hoped that this presentation will peak the interest of nongroomers and Although an aura of mystique surrounds the art of masterfully sculpting a Kerry, anyone can follow these clear, sharp photographs and the guidance of Arlett van Dijk.

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Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation

kerry blue terrier foundation Volunteer with us! We have Mission Statement The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to promoting the welfare of the Kerry Blue Terrier breed in the areas of education, rescue, and health & genetics. Description 1. Education The Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation (KBTF) collects, publishes, and disseminates information on the breed to benefit breeders, owners, and potential owners, and ultimately the breed itself.

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kerry blue terrier for sale The Kerry Blue Terrier is a breed of dog mistakenly thought to be of County Kerry in South West Ireland; it is actually from Tipperary. In its motherland it is often called the Irish Blue Terrier. Over time the Kerry became a general working dog used for a variety of jobs, including herding cattle and sheep and as a guard dog. It was, however, primarily developed for controlling "vermin" including rats, rabbits, badgers, foxes, otters and hares.

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Ulster Kerry Blue Terrier Club

kerry blue terrier club                                                                                         News December 2014 Dublin Dog Show Society GSB, BOB and Group 2 Una Rigney and Mrs K Tatjine Burovincz’s HUN.

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