Kerry Blue Terrier Puppies for sale in the UK

General information about the breed The Kerry Blue Terrier dog was originally bred in Ireland to control hares, otters, foxes, rabbits, rats and other types of vermin. The breed has spread around the world but is still very uncommon.

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a good working and companion dog and many people use it for a variety of jobs such as herding sheep and cattle. The breed has a very deep chest, a long head and its wavy-to-curly coat has several shades of blue.

The blue shades begin to appear as the dog grows older but the puppies are initially born black. The females weigh proportional less compared to males and the ideal weight for a fully developed male should be between 30-40 pounds. The breed has a wavy and soft coat with a texture that is similar to that of fine human hair.


The Kerry Blue Terrier breed is a highly spirited and strong headed dog. They

aren’t always friendly to other animals but are affectionate towards owners and children. Kerry Blue Terriers are also intelligent, fast and strong. They do well when it comes to tracking, sheep herding, dog agility and are also very obedient.

The level of their activity ranges from moderate to high because it is a log-legged breed. The modern Kerry Blue is less aggressive because some breeders have bred out aggression.

How to take care of the breed

Kerry Blue Terriers need an active and disciplined owner that can provide them with obedience training and early socialisation. They require daily exercise because of their high level of activity. The dog’s coat requires clipping every six weeks as part of the grooming exercise.

The Kerry Blue Terry breed requires regular grooming and it is advisable to wash it at least once per week. The breed is prone to genetic disorders, cysts and various skin disorders and should therefore be taken for check-ups from time to time.

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