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karelian bear dog puppies for sale Teddy Bear Country of Origin: A mixed breed dog is any dog influenced by multiple breeds, whether its origins are known or unknown. Popular mixed breeds include the Puggle (Pug and Beagle), Ori Pei (Pug and Chinese Shar Pei), and Poodle mixes such as the Labradoodle (includes Labrador Retriever), Goldendoodle (includes Golden Retriever), and Yorki Poo (includes Yorkshire Terrier). Famous mixed breeds include Benji (played by a dog named ‘Higgins’), who appeared in the ‘Benji’ series of films, winning over viewers with his muttish good looks and charming mischievousness, and ‘Tiger’ from the Brady Bunch.

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karelian bear dog adoption Aspen Valley Bear Dogs www. simplesite. com/avbeardog PO Box 574 Colville, Washington, 99114 Tel. 509-684-8031 E-mail: avbeardog@hotmail. com Welcome to Aspen Valley Karelian Bear Dogs. We specialize in uniting very special Karelian Bear Dog puppies with loving, responsible owners. We raise striking Black & White Karelian Bear Dog puppies that are born in a loving family which includes kids, cats, horses, and other dogs.

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karelian bear dog rescue In addition to being discerning about the people we consider for puppy adoptions, we at California Karelians invest our time and resources to help any Karelian or Karelian owner in need of assistance -- from providing training assistance or answering questions about installing an invisible fence to finding a new home for a Karelian that finds itself without a home. Kasey's Story Kacey's dad sought our help with his new Karelian puppy.

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karelian bear dog puppies These dogs have a Finnish or Karelian origin. They are known for their fearless nature. Generally, a Karelian Bear dog has wonderful physical attributes and very sharp reflexes. The females have an average height of 50 to 54 cm while the males have an average height of 55 to 60 cm. These dogs have a remarkable coat with soft but stiff guard hairs. The guard hairs are strikingly straight with not a single curl whatsoever.

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About Karelian Bear Dogs Karelian Bear Dogs are a primitive hunting breed known for their courage to deal with large prey animals. including bear and cougar. Believed to have survived to the present day from descendants of Viking Age spitz-type hunting dogs. the qualities that are necessary for survival in the wilderness have been passed on to the present generation. Fearless by nature, the dog is known for its ability to work independently in difficult conditions.

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karelian bear dog names Defining a Karelian Bear Dog breed standard The Russians and the Finns Before there were breed standards or the name Karelian Bear Dog. museums and archives of Russian cynology (the study of canine evolution and breed development) provide documentary evidence of dogs that descended from the ancient spitz-type hunting dogs and looked identical to today's Karelian Bear Dogs (KBDs). Indeed, centuries ago, before stud books and dog registries and before political divisions of the native Karelian peoples.

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karelian bear dog for sale Home » Dogs » Karelian Bear Dog Puppies For Sale Read more on this breed. There are currently no breeders advertising availability of this breed. 1st Breeder to represent this breed will receive 50% Off. There are no breeders currently listed. this is likely a difficult breed to find or a rare dog breed. In addition, those breeders who rely on word-of-mouth advertising are not aware of your interest.

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Karelian Bear Dogs Karelian Bear Dogs were bred in Russia and Finland to hunt bears. Here in North America, these bear dogs are part of bear management programs aimed at rehabilitating "problem" bears. Karelian Bear Dogs can be used to teach the bears, as well as other species such as cougars and elk, to respect and avoid human "territories". People create problem bears. If people are not careful with food and smelly garbage around their property or camp, it attracts hungry wildlife like bears.

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karelian bear dog breeders Karelian Bear Dog Description: The Karelian Bear Dog, also known as the Karjalankarhukoira, is a sturdy and well equipped hunting dog. They are used mainly for hunting still, and are not well-known outside of their native Finland. They are fierce dogs towards their prey, virtually fearless when pursuing their prey, which can be elk, boar, or bear! Karelian Bear Dogs are tough, independent, and excellent guard dogs.

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Karelian Bear Dogs are a special part of our lives, and it is our desire to contribute in a small way to preserving this special breed of dog. Below. 7-month-old California Karelians Mishka is enjoying some outdoor play time. Studying the homeland of the Karelian Bear Dog and learning how their ancestors lived has given us a deeper appreciation for how important these dogs were to man's very survival.

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