Kai bath products

kai bath products

Shop for posh luxury bubble bath and bath & body products and pampering bath gifts for women imported from France, Spain, Italy. What will you find? Luxurious bubble bath, bubblebath and bath foams, foaming bath, bain moussant, bagno schiuma, spa bath salts and bath soaks, shower gel, soap, bar soap, milk bath, milkbath, bath oil, body lotions, body cream, body butter, bath bombs, fizzys and bath tablets and more! Brands include Panier des Sens, Spuma di Sciampagna, Borotalco, e Coudray, eCoudray, Badedas, Dresdner Essenz, L'Aromarine, Laromarine, Speziali Fiorentini, Marsiglia, Herbaflor, Bronnelly, Blanc Lila and much more! Find exclusive European bath products from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and other countries.

Looking for a special bath gift or spa gift? Visit the gift section of bathtopia where there are carefully selected hip, modern bath gifts. Our minimalist and stylish pampering bath gift or spa gift box is the modern, hip alternative to the gift basket. Perfect for corporate gift giving, too. The gift of relaxation always fits. Create a most memorable spa or bath gift. We have many wonderful bath gift subscription boxes and even include samples in the bath box. You can buy bath of the month, spa of the month, soap of the month or pamper of the month all filled with top quality bath products. For true convenience, e-gift certificates, electronic gift certificates, are available in denominations from $10-$250. The e-gift certificates can be delivered on any day you choose.

The gift selection offers many different types of upscale, indulgent, extraordinary bath gifts and spa gifts. A bath gift box is perfect for any occasion or holiday: birthday, thank you, get well, engagement, wedding, anniversary, honeymoon, pregnancy, new mom, new parents, just because, sympathy, valentine's day, romance, mother's day, christmas, hanukkah. Gifts by type offer bath and spa gifts in several categories such as: bath lover, pamper and spa, relax and sleep. In the gifts by scent area you will find spa gift boxes in almost every scent from florals, fruits, edibles and exotics and everything in-between. Specific scents of bubble bath and pampering products include: lavender, rose, lilac, honeysuckle, gardenia, lily of the valley, verbena, fig, grapefruit, orange, lemon, vanilla, cocoa, chocolate, mint, ylang ylang, rosemary or eucalyptus.

Body and upscale bath products on includes:

Pamper body and mind with luxurious, moisturizing bubble bath. Relax in a warm tub filled with fragrant bubble bath containing olive oil or shea butter. Let the intoxicating aromas of foaming bubble bath bath in rose, honeysuckle, lavender, violet, voiletta, lily of the valley, peach, sandalwood, linden, citrus, cocoa, white chocolate or vanilla or fill your room and your spirit -- and delicately fragrance every inch of your body. As you escape and indulge in a wonderfully moisturizing bubble bath cares of the day seem to melt away. Luxury brands of bubble bath, bath foam and foaming baths on site include Panier des Sens, e Coudray, Spuma di Ciampagna, Spuma di Sciampagna, Spumadi Sciampagna, L'Amande, Borotalco Bagno Schiuma, LAromarine Vanilla Vanille, LAromarine, Vital Bath Badedas, Speziali Fiorentini, Pre de Provence, Maria Evora, Coudray eCoudray, Bain Creme Moussant in Nohiba, Jacinthe et Rose, Vanille, Musc Fresia, Giverne, Olivina and Lepi de Provence, Kai, or Borotalco. Is there really a better way to relax and unwind than by soaking in a warm, soothing bubble bath? Bain Creme Moussant from eCoudray E. Coudray from France?

Rejuvenate, refresh + relax with spa bath salts and bath soaks that soften, nourish and replenish. Create a sense of calm with mineral rich dead sea bath salts, bubbling bath salts or fizzing bath powders infused with fragranced essences. Let the aromas of lavender, rosemary, orange, rose, heather and moss, eucalyptus, sandalwood or jasmine scent your surroundings and ease body and soul. Brands of bath salts and therapeutic bath soaks include: Dresdner Essenz, Maria Evora, Jane, Blanc Lila, Blanc Lilas, Naturally Irish and Niven Morgan. Why not create a spa-at-home with fabulous bath salts and bath soaks that are bliss for the mind, body + soul?

Re-live the legend of Cleopatra with soothing milk bath, milkbath and milk baths from bathtopia. Select from foaming milk bath, bubbling milkbath or aromatherapy milk baths. The ritual of a milk bath is a heavenly treatment fit for a Queen and the diva in you! Immerse yourself in a warm, aromatic milk bath that replenishes dry skin and soothes the soul. Indulge in a blissful world of pampering by taking a comforting, aromatic milk bath every once

in a while - or even everyday! Select from a very creamy foaming milk bath with exotic coconut milk, bubbling milkbath, or aromatherapy milkbath. Scents range from traditional rose, french lavender, vanilla or very relaxing blue chamomile to the deliciously-fragrant and fun cocoa, to the very tropical pineapple, coconut and frangipani. Immerse yourself in a warm, delightfully aromatic milk bath that replenishes dry skin and soothes the soul.

Body powder and body talc imported from Italy, France and the US for women and men. Luxury brands of powder, body talc, body powder include: Manetti & Roberts Borotalco, Borsari, Spuma di Sciampagna or Spuma di Ciampagna, Spumadi Sciampagna.

Moisturize, nurture and protect skin with body cream, body creme, body butter, body mousse and souffle. Soothe with ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, jojoba, avocado and olive oil. The almost endless selection of luxurious body creme, body cream and body butter in lilac, honey, orange, lemon, grapefruit, mango, gardenia, avocado, lavender, karite, lemon, olive oil and vanilla. How can you not find something to love? Body cream, body butter brands include Pre de Provence body butter, Mediterranean Spa body cream, Pacifica body butter, Blanc Lila lilac mousse, Blanc Lilas, e Coudray, Olivina body butter, Pre de Provence lavender cream, Malie Kauai, L'Amande -- and many more. Dip into body cream, body creme and body butter from bathtopia and say goodbye to dry, parched skin and hello to skin that's glowing!

There's soap and then there's soap from bathtopia. So many different types. Moisturizing, luxurious and unique soap with beautiful and exotic fragrances. Triple-milled soaps with shea butter. Herbal soaps with exfoliators like herbs and grains. Handmade, natural and organic soaps. Glycerin and goat's milk soaps. Soaps from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the US. Bathtopia has soaps embossed with cameos, exotic black soap and heart-shaped soap. Soap for both men and women. Select from fragrances such as honeysuckle, wild rose, lily of the valley, tuberose, grapefruit and sandalwood. Why not try: Panier des Sens soap, Spuma di Sciampagna soap, Maria Evora Black soap, Maria Evora White cameo soap, Lepi de Provence, lilac, sea salt or Borotalco soap. Lather up and get clean with bar soaps for every day.

Lather up with fabulous shower gel, bath gel and body wash that cleans, moisturizes and delicately scents the skin. Select from shower gel, bath gel and body wash infused with plant extracts, essential oils or perfume essences that smell absolutely wonderful! Fragrances range from floral to citrus and everything in between including vanilla bean, grapefruit, mandarin orange, white chocolate cocoa, lily of the valley, jasmine, plumeria, honeysuckle, ginger, coffee, coconut, sandalwood, rose petal, lavender, incense, patchouli or musk. Luxury brands of shower gel, bath gel: Lamande, L'Amande, La Maison de la Vanille, Monyette Paris, Malie Kauai bath lather, Marius Fabre and many others. No more boring showers or baths! Why don't you grab your loofah, sponge or puff and lather up.

Treat hands and feet to superb and effective shea butter hand cream and foot cream. Soothe, revitalize and soften hands with ingredients including: shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, beeswax and glycerin. Select hand cream and foot cream from No Crack Dumont Company, L'Amande, Pre de Provence and LAnnine.

Bathtopia's products for hands and feet are available in a wide variety of scents. Choose from aromatherapy blends - lavender, peppermint and citrus, or spearmint and wintergreen - or the very fragrant and fun peach, lemon verbena, tuberose, apricot or fig. Hand and foot creme to nourish, relieve and protect even the driest hands and tiredest feet. Need a little extra revitalization? There are therapeutic foot scrubs and soaks with uplifting peppermint and tea tree oil and exfoliating ground walnut shells. Your hands and feet will thank you and look and feel better than ever with top quality, effective, tried and true hand and foot care products.

Bubble bath, Body cream, Body butter, Body lotion, Soaps, Bath salts, Shower gel, Bath Bombs and Bath Fizzies, Therapeutic baths, Bath oils, Bubble baths, Hand and foot care, Spa treatments, Bath accessories and much, much more. Everything for the ultimate bath and total body pampering is available at bathtopia! The most luxurious and trendiest bath site on the Internet!

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