Japanese spaniel

japanese spaniel

By: Becky Sue2 | 5 / 5 | 3 months ago

The most amazing dogs ever. They read your emotions and react accordingly. Best bed buddy too, they love sleeping under the covers with you and keep your back nice and toasty!

By: Candy Summers1 | 5 / 5 | 4 months ago

Have to laugh about mikefhess comment. I have two Cavs - one male and one female. Dumb? Not a chance. But they will play dumb to get what they want. I agree with the folks who commented about needing a leash when taking them out. Cavs are extremely social and think that the

world wants to pet them - thus they run in front of a car to get to a kid. Dumb? Not really since they have never met a car that hurt them.

Our Cavs are SO smart that their vocabularies are incredible. My husband and I have t SPELL to keep them from getting excited about certain things.

They are loving, sweet pups with totally individual personalities. Our male is much more rambunctious than our female. Great dog but don't plan to get one that has to stay home alone all day. That is their idea of hell.

They need companionship like we need air.

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