Japanese spaniel puppies

The Japanese Chin (sometimes called just Chin) dog breed is also known as the Japanese Spaniel. It is a little toy spaniel with a short, pushed in face. The

Japanese Chin also is known for its super soft and what looks like feathered coat. The coat coloring can range from quite a few colors; either Black and white

colored, or white with colored patches, most often black, sometimes red, lemon, orange, sable or brindle. Japanese Spaniels that are black and white in color must

have black noses. In other colors the nose color should match the color of the coat markings. The Chin is also known for its protruding eyes that are dark and

shaped like almonds. The breed also is known for its under bite. The silky soft feathered tail curls up over the back. The smaller dogs are preferred for the

breed. The Japanese Spaniel is known to be a charming, and generally happy animal. Japanese Chin pups are seen as loving and very smart. They love to be

affectionate with their owners and are very devoted. This dog breed is also known to be reserved around strangers but generally loves everyone. Japanese Chin

pups are dainty and carry a sense

of regal, they love being the center of attention. The breed is better suited in a home without small children but can be gentle if

well socialized from a very early age by a reputable Japanese Chin dog breeder. The Chin is known to be a good dog for a home with other household pets and dogs.

Japanese Chin puppies are known to be playful and are good at learning new tricks. They are elegant little toy pups and need to be loved and kissed all the time.

They are good little watchdogs as well as being a great companion dog. The Japanese Spaniel is a good dog breed for those who are living in an apartment or a

small living environment. This dog breed is considered to be moderately active inside the home and will be just fine without a large yard. The breed would just need

daily outdoor time for a walk or just to run around and play. The Chin is known to be very sensitive to weather conditions so they should not be outdoors in

extreme heat or cold for long periods of time. Chin pups do not require a lot of exercise but will need daily playtime.

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