Training a jack russell terrier dog

"This is my Patterjack. Her name is Kiba, which in Japanese means 'Wild One' or 'Fang.' She is a Patterdale Terrier / Jack Russell cross. She is a year and four months old in this picture. As with Jack Russells and other ''ratter' type terriers she loves to bury and hide her treasures in bizarre places. We will find pigs’ ears in the laundry sometimes and also behind the TV! She loves to bask in the sun and will stay out in the yard all day if she can, sniffing the air and lying back on the grass. Her most favorite place to observe the outside world is the window sill, where she will sit for hours watching people walk by.

"She is a pleasure to walk in the woods, where she will run riot in the bracken and undergrowth sniffing out all the little creatures. She also loves to chase squirrels though has never caught one yet! Our main day walk usually lasts an hour and she goes for shorter walks in the morning and at night. We watch Cesar Millan and have applied his mention of making a sharp 'SHH' noise if Kiba is misbehaving or is trying to be too dominant. It works wonders and she backs away indefinitely."

Kiba the Patterjack puppy at 7 weeks old


Peewee the Patterdale Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier cross—Peewee unfortunately became too much for his owners to handle and they had to give him up. He began to bite, became an obsessive barker and was a holy terror in the house. If you look up both breeds in this particular cross, you will see they are both strong-willed breeds that require a dominant, confident and consistent pack leader. along with a lot of daily mental and physical exercise. Peewee was

being treated more like a human than a dog. Treating a dog like a human and not understanding the canine in your dog can cause serious behavioral issues in any dog. Another big issue was Peewee was not receiving the proper amount and type of exercise. He was not being taken for daily walks and was not told to heel on the leash. Peewee ruled the roost. It is important to choose the correct breed with the right energy level for your family’s lifestyle, and it is also important to understand a dog is a canine, not a human and treat him accordingly. You will find that any dog can be your worst nightmare, or your best investment; it all depends on the owner and their understanding of the canine and their willingness to give the dog what he truly needs.


Pippin the Patterdale Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier hybrid puppy


"This is my favorite little man Oska as a young puppy. He is a Patterdale Terrier / Jack Russell Terrier mix and is so cute with such a huge personality. He is now a year old and the one little bad habit he hasn't stopped is hiding the slippers around the house if we don't pick them up. He loves to supervise in the garden and make sure we are doing everything right, he even helps by digging the holes for us."


"This is Sky. She is a Jack Russell Terrier cross Patterdale Terrier. She is very lively and can jump very high for such a small dog. She is obsessed with tennis balls and will play fetch all day long. She is very loving and loves playing with other dogs. Her dad, the Patterdale is an ex-Crufts dog and her mother is a small white and tan family pet."

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