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From: Jason Perry

Re: Pissed off about the scamsters tricks to make a fast buck out of you!


I'm an ex bookie runner / Who used to collect garbage for a living / Who just happens to have hacked into Betfair recently.

I went from a council house to a mansion in a matter of months and I now regulally raid Betfair for up to £10,000 a day spending less than 5 minutes a day placing my bets.


Sounds crazy doesn't it? Sounds like Madness??

And it's getting worse.

We are well past fake Betfair screenshots guys, now its got so bad people are filming themselves showing you money they made from YOU, selling you their last betting product.

Could somebody be that twisted, could somebody be so messed up that they would film themslves counting the money they made from you, selling you their last scam product - Just to get ANOTHER fast buck off you?

Unfortunately for all of us, the answer is yes :o(

Where we hear a new rags-to-riches story virtually every week: Some bookie runner's cracked the code, or some hackers found some trick on Betfair that makes him £100k in under a month.

I mean, are we REALLY expected to believe that a brand new Betfair "millionaire" pops up almost every week, from nowhere, with zero online coverage of his amazing story?

Oh, but wait he must be telling the truth - he has


on his site! -- Look at all those fancy £10,000 and £20,000+ screenshots of cash he made on Betfair.

Let's face it: We have ALL had enough of that rubbish, we are all now looking for 1 thing:

REAL people, with REAL systems. with REAL proof that it works!

It's the real solid proof the system has been tested and proven to work - that's what we're looking for, Not the bookie runners.

The made up characters with their crazy stories

The endless parade of fake Betfair screenshots

All so visually slick photoshop would be proud of what their software can achieve for these scamsters..

If these scamsters have tested a system and discovered it profitable.

If they REALLY use it to make a profit betting - what is so hard about showing the full results? Can non of these 'millionaires' make a video on their home computer?

So here's my advice:

If your sitting in front of your PC right now wondering why you're still not making any consistent money from your betting.

Or even if you're brand new to betting but getting wise to the scams and want a REAL solution.

I can help You with that.

Even if you have never placed a bet before and have only basic internet knowledge.

If you want to start making real profits from your betting, real money that can be used to make real things happen in your life.

Maybe you should start by following REAL betting systems, tested and proven to be profitable by REAL people, people proven to get REAL results for their clients.

And if I were you, I would follow people who actually make a profit from their betting instead from just selling you useless rehased systems they have never even tried, let alone made any profit from.

Whatever you do: Do NOT follow nameless, faceless scamsters hiding behind pen names with their false rented ferrari's and false dreams being fed to you on an almost daily basis.

If you like the way you're being treated, and your happy with the money your making from your betting stop reading this right now and jump back on the betting system merry-go-round.

BUT, if you have a feeling that something's wrong with that picture.

If your life has become a depressing roller coaster with a new crazy site every other week,

And some never heard of before betting guru convincing you that it's THIS site that will solve all your problems, it's THIS system that will get rid of your debt or fire you too untold riches.

. Then, only to come crashing back down when you realise you've been burned yet again .

If you've had enough of that.

I mean it's gotta be worth a shot, right?


Guys, let me tell you why I'm revealing the scamsters secrets, and I sure as hell don't make many friends doing it.

But the fact is if you are to have any chance of finding a system that works for you, and makes you the profits you need and deserve from your betting - You've Got. To Know. The TRUTH.

I'm Jason Perry

And I'm here on behalf of my new business partner and good friend Phil Rushton of

And as you wade your way through the bullsh*t of all the 100s of brand new betting systems and services to come out in 2012, you will find that we are still two of the only people online developing high end betting systems.

Now, why should you believe that?

Why should you believe that Phil is a real betting guru and not a fake scamster with a pen name and a made up story?

Why should you believe that his screenshots are real and the profits he makes actually comes from betting and not just from selling the crappy rehashed betting systems sold to you by amateurs?

Good question. And that's why

REAL Gurus have REAL Names.

If you see someone claiming to be a guru and they do not give a name or the name given is completely new to the market, be careful!

You may just about to be scammed!

A real betting guru uses his real name.

This means he is accountable and has a reputation at stake whenever he sells you something.

A REAL Betting Guru will leave a trace on google, posers hinding behindpen names and fake screenshots may not.

If you see a site that does give a name but where there is zero trace of this person to be found anywhere online, again be careful!

Feel free to check out Phil's other site Football Betting Master you may already know Phil, as he has been providing quality betting services since 2007.

You will also see his business is based right here in the UK and the business address is available right here on this site for all to see.

You are NOT dealing with a poser, you are dealing with a real person, who has a real business selling betting solutions, with real customer service, a business which

is ACCOUNTABLE under UK law and most uphold your statutory rights if you're not 100% delighted with this site.

Whether you are right here in the UK with us or anywhere in the world, I promise. if you are not 100% delighted with your new system and the profit it's making you, your payment WILL be refunded in FULL, it really is that simple this time guys.

A REAL Guru shows you VIDEO EVIDENCE of his bets and profits, not screenshots that can easily be faked.

Unfortunately for you it's not that hard to fake betfair screen shots there is a website that does this as a service! This makes seperating the real guys from the posers hard when the only evidence they give you is screenshots. Be careful!

This is what can happen when you use a REAL system, a system that has ben properly tested and proven to be profitable:

And REAL betting systems give you a chance to make REAL money, money that can be used to REALLY make things happen in peoples lives..

Like regular, long holidays.

A nice apartment with an amazing view.

The car you've always wanted..

Guys, this is REAL internet betting system profits being used to make REAL things happen.

I really hope you see now that you don't need to give up on your dream of making money from your betting, even if it's just a hobbie.

In fact, that would surely be the worse crime, to admit defeat to the scamsters and the non believers.

The worst thing that you could do is convince yourself that just because the scamsters and posers dont have a working betting solution for you, nobody does.

And in the process miss out on your own personal holy grail. .

. And you can keep the system and automated tools we give you to make it super simple, they are on us - At least you won't be jumping back on the betting system merry-go-round with your new found knowledge and tools, and that's good enough for us!

While the data and calculations behind the system are very complicated, don't worry, you don't need to know about any of that if you don't want too - This system really is as simple as this:

1. Log into your betting account and check out 2 easy-to-find results (Takes about 10 seconds).

2. Check a number from the weekly updated stats sheet (fully explained in the members area in our step by step guide).

3. Copy and paste 2 tiny pieces of information from your betting account into the software (Nothing dodgy, just the meeting your betting at and your betting balance),

4. Now simply bet the amount the software gives you. If you win.

Everything else is worked out for you - In the the background!

You see me and Phil are living proof that real high end betting systems are out there and not only that, they have become so advanced that they are completely idiot-proof to set up and profit from now.

NOT from the fake posers hiding behind fake screenshots and mad characters,

A proven, fool proof way of of taking your betting to the next level.

A proven powerful, automated way of crunching greyhound racing data and a simple way of betting that spits out very regular profits right into any betting account.

A proven system that could get any betting account balance out of the negative and into the positive in a matter of days or EVEN hours.

Taking an exotic holiday, buying your dream car or that dream apartment needn't be so hard once you have your betting in order.

Guys, Me and Phil have actually been living this life thanks to.

Phil has been creating and testing real betting systems with real people since 2007.

I'm just your regular punter I guess, well I've been betting for a few years now, and although I don't have any sites (Apart from being involved in this one of course). You may have seen me hanging about some of the betting forums, testing systems and showing the real results for everyone to see, or calling out the posers so people wise up to some of the terrible scams in the betting system industry.

Actually, maybe I'm not so average. I've always had a good head for numbers, and an eye for recognising patterns in numbers, I guess that's why I ended up doing a degree in statisticts at University.

Here's a pic of me at graduation:

And it's only recently thanks to a chance meeting that this site has come about, and put everything either of us have done in the past to crying shame.

Now, This is probably where you expect me to say that I hacked betfair with some kind of crazy trick, or I used to be a bookie runner who happened to find a loophole his boss was hiding from all the ordinary punters.

Well, while that would be a great story and fantastic merry-go-round entertainment and, to be honest, it's a lot more interesting than me and Phil busting our asses on the stats, ordering take away pizzas 6 nights a week, knowing that we had the golden ticket, we just needed to refine it, and knowing how much work that would take.

I explained to Phil that I had a degree in statistics and had loved racing from a young age, I really wanted to work on this system with him.

The system obviously worked - That was there for everyone to see from the stats, but I just knew it could be even better!

At that point, to be honest, we didnt know how to do it.

But I can tell you right now - It's bloody hard work!

And don't forget we wanted this system to work on any bookmakers account, ANYWHERE in the world.

What we needed to do was run multiple variations of the system on huge amounts of results - I'm talking 70,000+ greyhound races, nothing like this had ever been done before.

In fact when you take the level this system has been tested to, including real live betting tests - With Real money:

After a few crazy weeks, including late brainstorming sessions on why we where seeing the patterns we where seeing, and working out a way to consistently profit from them.

. After nights of take away pizzas and utterly relentless work on the stats.

By the way, the stats always had to be fully up to date and relevant to the system, at ALL times.

We wanted this to ALWAYS work - Not just today, Not just tomorrow, but for this to be the ultimate betting system it would need it to be fully up to date at ALL times AND always take into account current, past AND future racing trends.

I mean, As Charles Darwin once famously said:

Guys, What we have now is quite simply Revolutionary.

Im talking about a system where it would have been impossible to lose on 84 out of every 100 days in the whole of 2011

Im talking about a system that can get REAL spendable betting profits into any betting account in 5 - 60 minutes!

A system so simple ANYONE could get their first betting profit in virtually any account, anywhere in the world.

This is what everything else has been leading up to.

Just imagine betting multiple times. each time you increase your bets with your winnings. What if you could do this safe in the knowledge that on 84.5% of days you would never lose and would always accumulate profit, what if every time you made a profit you could make up to hundreds or even thousands of pounds on every bet, How many times would you bet?

How much money would you make?

This system produces winners at up to 3 / 1!

In my test, which you have seen full video evidence of - I more than quadrupled a betting bank in just 25 days.

Lets take a look at the investment potential if I just quadruple a betting bank every 25 days.

Starting on the 24th April with £100

on the 19th May I have £400

By the 13th June I now have £1600

On 8th July I have £6400

and by the time the 2nd August rolls around I have £25,600 from my original £100!!

I'll never forget the buzz of making my first real betting profit online. knowing I could withdraw it anytime, and spend it on whatever I wanted. its kind of like 5 shots of expresso coffee. Straight into the veins!

This system has the brains of a super human, with the accuracy of a machine.

It never sleeps.

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