Akita Temperament

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Today we shall talk about the Akita temperament. The Akita is a big Japanese dog that is royal to its masters. All prospective Akita owners need to know something about the temperament of the Akita that they intend to own. Different Akitas will most likely respond differently to the same stimuli but as a general rule understanding the temperament of the Akita breed will help you understand how your Akita behaves under certain circumstances.

Alert, Responsive Akita Temperament

Akita temperament is faithful and alert which makes it an admirable guard dog. It is known to guard the members of its family faithfully and senses danger very fast. However, Akita dog owners should train their dogs that not all situations are threatening. For example you should let the dog know that children playing and shouting is not a threatening situation. You should also make sure that your dog is used to routine day to day noise in the neighborhood.

Aggressive Akita Temperament… Know when to keep a tight leash

Akita dogs are dominant and do not mix with other pets easily. In fact most of them even act in a hostile way when in the presence of other dogs. It should therefore not be left to play and run in the park with strange dogs unless the owner is present. If this happens, its instinct to challenge and hunt will be to the disadvantage of these other dogs. Remember that it can find prey in smaller animals.

You should always be on the lookout because Akita dogs do not show any signs of distress before an attack. They could be playing one minute and the other minute they might act differently. They have an aggression to food which is why children should be taught to never go near the dog chewing or eating a bone.

Akita Training

To deal with this violent nature, it is advisable that you train your dog when it is still young. You can also allow the dog constant socialization with other dogs. You should in fact include this socialization as part of your training program. Akita dogs are smart and learn very fast so you should see results quickly, if you are following a good training program. To keep the dog interested, you should vary the program.

Strong Leaders wanted

Understanding of Akita temperament will help you know and understand the natural instincts

of your dog. Akita dogs have a hunting instinct which explains why they are sometimes troublesome when you try to adopt them to the domestic home environment. If you are a gentle dog owner or faint of heart, then this is not the right canine for you. This is not a docile lap side companion for gentle dog owners.


Akitas do not have very demanding activity requirements. In fact they require far much less physical activity than other dogs. A few brisk walks daily are enough for the dog and you can allow your dog to run a few times every week. If you have a fenced in private yard, it is enough space for the dog to run and exercise. However, you should not keep Akitas confined in tight premises like apartments. Remember that Akitas are large dogs that require some space.

Akita Health Concerns

Apart from understanding Akita temperament, it is also important that you know the dogs special health considerations. Hypothyroid disease is one of the major health concerns of the Akita breed of dogs. Symptoms of this disease include a sudden aggressiveness, itching, odd odor, lethargy among others. However, all these conditions are treatable and incase you see any symptoms, you should consult a qualified vet. Older Akita dogs are also likely to be affected by kidney disease.

Finally, it’s worth noting that Akitas do not bark and are even considered as silent types. If you love quiet big dogs, this is the right type you. If you wish to own an Akita, you should check the policies in your state and also get in touch with neighborhood associations because not all insurance companies cover Akitas. Akita dogs have beauty and a number of good qualities that make them an attractive consideration to prospective dog owners. Understanding the Akita temperament is one of the best things you can do to ensure an enjoyable and trouble free relationship with your dog.

Other Working Dogs

The Akita falls in the dog group known as the Working Group. Dogs in this group are strong, large, and excel at tasks such as rescue, pulling, and gauarding. It should come as no suprise to you that they are typically smart, resourceful, fast learners and make great companions. To decide if another breed might be a better fit for you, check out the temperaments of other dogs that fall in the Working Group:

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