Yukon husky furnace

yukon husky furnace

Product Description

Save money on your heating bills, now, with an extremely heavy duty add-on wood furnace that can be added to your present duct system. The Big Jack is a 90,000 BTU add-on wood or coal furnace that has been sent through Underwriter's Laboratories for rigorous safety testing. The Jack Line add-on's are the only UL Listed supplementary central fired wood furnaces on the Market today. Your insurance company will be looking for the UL Mark when adding on a wood furnace to your existing system.

Built to last

The Big Jack is one tough furnace. The firebox is made of 7 gauge steel and with the cylindrical (round) build it is near impossible to split or burn out the steel. They have an extra heavy-duty cast iron grate and are lined with 9-inch high firebrick. They are not to be compared to the lightweights from your local discount store. They cost a little more, but they don't have to be replaced every few years like the lightweights. Jack furnaces have been made since 1976.

Operates on a forced draft principle

Put some kindling in, light it with a match, and turn the thermostat up. That turns on the combustion fan to get the wood burning. Then load it up and relax. It's automatic from there. The room thermostat tells the combustion fan to start when it is not warm enough and shuts it off when you're comfortable. A fan control mounted

in the sheet metal plenum above the firebox tells the circulating blower when to start and stop. All automatically.

Heat your entire home during power outages

That's right! The Big Jack has been Tested and is Listed by UL to heat strictly on gravity feed (without electicity). As long as your furnace is installed with all ducting going in an upflow manner and you have wood available to put into the firebox you can keep your whole house warm. No more worries about frozen pipes or leaving your home. Just add small amounts of wood to the firebox!

Secondary Burn

The right amount of the air from the combustion fan is directed under the fire. Twenty percent of the air (called secondary air) is directed above the fire to ignite the unburned gases and smoke created by the main fire. The result is high efficiency wood burning.

Standard Equipment and Features

  • Fan and Limit Control
  • Picture Frame Front
  • Large Loading Door
  • Positive Door Lock
  • Forced Draft Combustion Blower for Safety
  • Transormer/Relay
  • Easy Access Ash Pan
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grate
  • Secondary Combustion Air Chamber (Improves Unit Efficiency)
  • High Temperature Fire Brick
  • Painted Steel Jacketing
  • Honeywell FocusPro 5000 Thermostat

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