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The Question Of Oil Or Natural Gas

As the colder weather starts to settle in, many owners of the Yukon Husky multi-fuel furnace will begin to wonder whether this year it will be more economical to burn with oil or with gas. The answer to this particular question will vary based on factors such as:

The current price of natural gas

The current price of oil heat

The availability of a natural gas line

The costs of installing a new system vs. repairing an old system

During this time of consideration, however, there are some other aspects to consider in the question of oil or natural gas. The Yukon Husky family includes wood furnaces that can accept either type of fuel. It is important for the new owner to determine which fuel will best fit their particular situation.

Do Today's Prices Reflect Tomorrow's Prices?

Over the last couple of years, the price of natural gas has actually decreased, while the US dependency on foreign sources of oil maintains the current high price for oil. It may be impossible to foresee a resolution in the Middle East, and predictions based on current circumstances seem to indicate that oil prices won't be coming down anytime soon.

Is There Already Access to a Natural Gas Line?

If there isn't access to gas lines, then the additional costs of gaining access to natural gas could

be far greater than the potential savings that switching to natural gas could create. Even if the community has natural gas available, the individual home may not have a furnace which is established to run on gas. In this case, the homeowner will need to decide if the cost of converting the furnace and heating system will be balanced out by the potential savings.

Will It Cost More to Maintain an Older Furnace Than to Purchase a New Furnace?

The Yukon Husky multi-fuel furnace tends to be a very reliable source of heat for many years, so replacing an older model may not be a cost effective idea. There may be other old furnaces, however, which should be replaced for greater heating efficiency.

A Few Other Things to Consider:

Oil heat is becoming less popular and harder to get.

The use of natural gas has a better environmental reputation.

Fracking, or the method used to harvest natural gas, often results in significant damages to the environment.

Before purchasing the Yukon Husky wood furnace, visit with the retailer to get more information about whether natural gas or oil will be best for your circumstances.

Features For Husky I LWO-112(oil)

140,000 BTU's per Hour

Nozzle 1.0 G.P.H. - 80 H

Automatic Damper Control

2 Inches thick firebrick lining

Wayne Model-MSR Burner

UL Listed in file #MH 11057

Not for sale in California and Washington

Features For Husky I LWG-112(Gas)

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