Hungarian sheepdog

Hungarian Puli Sheepdog

Hungarian Puli Sheepdog Breed Appearance The Puli is a medium-sized, compact, square-looking dog with a unique, corded coat. The body is fine-boned but fairly muscular. The domed head is in proportion to the body. The head from the side should be egg-shaped, while from the front it will give a rounded appearance. The tail should curl fairly tightly over the back. Eyes are almond-shaped and dark brown in color. The ears are medium-sized; pigment should be black.

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Hungarian sheepdog for sale

hungarian sheepdog for sale WATCH OUT! Our Puli will capture your heart! They are NOT dogs, they are PULIK! They are active, playful, smart and have the real "Puli personality" that is unmatched by any other breed. Not kidding! Check with any Puli owner, they will agree. The Puli is not the fluffy type. They have nice long thread-locks that gives them that unique look. Yeah, like in that beer commercial. ;-) If you're looking for a smart and cheerful companion, and like attention when walking your dog, with the Puli you'll get it for sure! People will turn their heads after your dog.

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