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gordon setter breeders ontario B lack and tan setters have been known in Scotland for hundreds of years. Alexander, the fourth Duke of Gordon is credited with developing the breed into a working setter during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. O nce known as the Gordon Castle Setter, the Gordon Setter was bred to be a sportsman's dog. He is a bird dog and was bred to find and point game birds for the hunter. The early Gordon Setters may also have done some sheep herding.

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gordon setter breeders Gordon Setter Description: A good-sized, sturdily built, black and tan dog, Gordon Setters are well muscled, with plenty of bone and substance. The Gordon Setter is a tireless worker and enjoys abundant exercise and attention. They are a better watch dog than the other setters, making them a loyal and protective pet. They are lovable, friendly, intelligent dogs who are sensitive and gentle. They are, however, slower and heavier boned than the rest of the setter family.

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gordon setter association Although it is usually credited that the Gordon Setter was the result of the Duke of Gordon crossing his black and tan Scottish collies with his Setters, to quote from the definitive work on the breed published by the author in 1976. The Gordon Setter - History and Character by G. St. G. M. Gompertz: "There are reliable records to show that the Black and Tan Setter was in existence as a separate breed long before it was taken up by the Duke of Gordon".

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