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Short History of the Breed

Gordon Setter a.k.a. T he Gorgeous Setter

Gordons are less common than the Engish Setter or the Irish Setter. They are the black and tan breed, bred initially in Scotland by the Duke of Gordon in the early 1820s. Gordons came to the U.S. in 1842. The AKC recognized the breed in 1982.

Gordons are fun, loaded with personality and seem to have that bird dog mentality, i.e. they trust their instincts and don't try as hard to please as say a retreiver. They have a puppy mentality. Most people will mistake a mature Gordon for a puppy because they are so playful. These are not the kinds of dogs that you can train to sit there with a piece of cheese on their nose and when given the command, they are okay to eat. They don't go for stuff like that.


Description & Size

Gordons can range from about 45 to 90 pounds. Some of the smaller kinds are generally referred to as the field dogs, the dogs that really hunt. The show people have big, hairy dogs that are beautiful to see.

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Very sweet dogs. If you have one that bites or is territorial, you might have a lemon on your hands.

Dog Care (exercise, grooming, diet)

As a bird dog, these dogs like to run around and explore. The first ten minutes of a leashed walk and they are nutty to sniff and will tug at the leash. Later on they seem to mellow a bit. Unless one is walking around a lake or something that is ALIVE with bird scent.

Our dog, the lovely Lady Bird, is not quite so birdy. She is far more of a people-person dog.

Health Issues, Life Expectancy

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