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Cody's story

Cody's journey began on November 5, 2006, when he collapsed after a day at the beach in San Francisco. He was rushed to the emergency veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer, hemangiosarcoma. With tumors in his liver, spleen and heart, Cody was given the grim prognosis of just a few days to live. I was devastated, but could not let Cody go without a fight. After extensive research, my first step was to change his diet. Unable to find freshly prepared, organic food critical to Cody’s fight against cancer, I started making Cody a “cancer-fighting” diet along with an arsenal of herbs and supplements. Cody thrived on his new diet. After 5 months, the tumors in his heart and liver were undetectable via ultrasound, which then made him a candidate for surgery. something the vets said was unheard of! He underwent surgery to remove his spleen and was then deemed cancer free. Cody lived 7 more months after his sugery to the ripe old age of 12 1/2 years old. He lost use of his back legs due to either a slipped disc or a tumor on the spine. He had been through so much already so I decided to help him on his journey. Just before the vet administered the euthanizing drug, Cody lifted his head

and looked me in the eyes thanking me for all I had done. It was the saddest day of my life, yet at the same time the most inspirational as it has changed me for the better in so many ways.

Cancer fighting tip from Cody's owner Aimee Q.

Change your dog's diet immediately. Commercial dog food, especially kibble, are full of grains and carbohydrates, which fuel the cancer. Cody went from the brink of death to 17 healthy months and all I did for the first few weeks was change his diet and add supplements. I listed his diet below. Add a comment to Cody's profile page if you want more details on Cody's treatment plan.

Note: Cody was a 75 lb Golden Retriever so you will want to adjust according to your dog’s weight and metabolism and specific cancer. Also, note that Cody was not a big eater and he also got dehydrated chicken strips as snacks. Also, remember to keep in mind other diseases. For example, high-protein diets are not recommended for dogs with kidney issues. Below is the basic recipe that I used for each meal. He was fed twice a day. All items were organic.

*8 oz meat (chicken, turkey or beef)

*2 tsp extra virgin olive oil

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