Un golden retriever

un golden retriever

10th Series Water Quad Test Description

The 10th Series brings us to Lucy #1 and is a Water Quad situated on the toughest technical pond we have ever seen. The mat is facing to the North and the wind is slightly blowing out of the South. The humidity has risen and the cloudy skies remain. This is a monster test with three, count them three FLYERS! It is taking 18 minutes 16 seconds per dog.

The first bird to be shot is a dead Drake Mallard thrown angle-back to the left landing in a clump of cattails in the corner of the pond at 371 yards. The gun station retires into the tree-line to the far right of the test. We will refer to this bird as the Long Retired bird. (LR)

The second bird to be shot is a dry bird situated to the far left of the test at 122 yards. This is a Rooster Pheasant Flyer thrown flat to the right. This bird lands in a little nook deep of a dozen Avery Full-Body Mallard decoys and hay bales. The three gunners remain standing out. We will refer to this bird as the Left Flyer (LF)

The third

bird to be shot is immediately to the right of the (LF) and the four gunners are sitting on the edge of the pond at 214 yards. This bird is a Drake Mallard Flyer shot hard angle-back left landing in the water in an area of sticks. The gunners are sluicing this flyer with a "Big" exciting splash. Deep of the sticks near the waters edge are a dozen floating Avery Full Body decoys. We will refer to this bird as the Middle Flyer (MF).

The fourth and final bird of this test is located immediately to the right and deep of the (MF) This Loooooong "Quacking" Hen Mallard is thrown "Big" to the left and flat landing in the water or on land at 218 yards. This flyer is also sluiced with a splash in the pond. We will refer to this bird as the Right Flyer (RF).

Thank You to The "Curtis Clan" Russell, Andrew, Glen & Joseph Curtis for throwing the birds in the 10th Series. These guys are as accurate as they come. Raised in the Retriever Sport and having thrown birds probably since they could walk the birds are thrown long, strong and identically for every contestant. Thanks again "Curtis Clan".

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