German shepherd

Silvertip german shepherd

silvertip german shepherd BULLDOGS AND NUMBER FIVES BY JOHN TAFFIN Although I am not a betting man, if you are reading these pages about great sixguns I would wager the chances are very high that you also appreciate good dogs as much as you do fine firearms. For many years, every morning as I worked away typing, my two big malamutes, Red and Wolf, even though the morning hours would be waning and the sun was shining, would be outside sound asleep on the deck.

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Silver sable german shepherd

silver sable german shepherd Whitside German Shepherds _ German shepherds are the faviorite breed of many. Once you've lived with a German shepherd you will always want one in your life. German shepherds are highly intelligent dogs and one of the most versatile of the herding breeds. They are used in herding sheep, search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and assistance and therapy dogs. As well, they often are wonderful loyal family companions.

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Sieger german shepherd

sieger german shepherd 'a' normal hips and elbows, DNA gepruft, Haemophilia Clear VA1 British Sieger ELMO v HÜHNEGRAB SchH3. Over medium size. Medium strong. Very good type. Good expression. Good pigmentation. High wither. Straight back. Good croup. Good angulation of the front and very good angulation of the rear. Correct chest. Clean front. Correct coming and going. Very good movement. Altogether dry and firm.

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Siberian Husky Mix Puppies for Sale in PA

Mixed Breed: A Siberian Husky Mix is not a purebred dog.     The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and understand that you can get any combination of the characteristics found in either breed. Have you owned a Siberian Husky Mix dog? Submit your testimonial!. .

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Showline german shepherd

showline german shepherd At Givenhaus German Shepherds, we selectively breed top German bloodlines to produce German Shepherd dogs that will be superior in Search and Rescue, Police, Schutzhund, Agility, Conformation Show-ring and/or loving family Protectors and Companionship. All dogs in our breeding program are 100% west German showlines from world class bloodlines. We also have dogs imported directly out of Germany and strive to continue on producing the “true” German Shepherd dog.

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German Shorthaired Pointer breeders

short haired german shepherd breeders The German Shorthaired Pointer, or Deutsch Kurzhaar as he is known in his native Germany, was developed as an all-purpose dog in the late 1800s. The intent was to develop a versatile sporting breed that could work as a pointer, retriever, tracker and hunter of both large and small game, and to work well in all types of terrain including water. The German Shorthaired Pointer is friendly, eager to please, intelligent, and has a stable temperament.

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About Milia Removal

Milia are a common skin condition that is noncancerous and affects people of all ages. Milia appear as small white bumps and are the result of skin that does not slough off normally being trapped in a hair follicle or sweat gland. Some milia may occur after an injury or blistering of the skin and have appeared on people suffering from sun-damaged skin. The condition may also occur following the long term use of topical steroids.

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Shiloh german shepherd breeders

Meadow the Shiloh Shepherd, TSSR-registered = The Shiloh Shepherd Registry 8-month-old Chewie/Rebel daughters—Bella, owned by Donna and Tom Greeley, and Sophie, owned by Bill and Laura Phelan, photo courtesy of P & C's Ridgewood Shilohs (TSSR) Shadow the black Shiloh Shepherd puppy at 4 months old, TSSR-registered = The Shiloh Shepherd Registry Meadow the Shiloh

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Second chance german shepherd

second chance german shepherd Текст видео Дата загрузки: 25 июня 2009 г. Ok I guess a dog can beat a lion, tiger or bear? Of course it can right, man can drug the animal, defang it, de claw it, manipulate it, used a captive abused animal. Hell a little poodle can beat polar bear when MANS BEHIND IT. But here's reality idiot dogfans. A dogo Argentina encounters a Tom Cougar from North American which average 185-220 lbs and can reach over 300 lbs, your dogo will die faster then you can blink.

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German shepherd who spent 13 years tied to tree desperately seeking Seattle home

seattle german shepherd View all 14 photos Courtesy of Helen Anne Gately Finally, a Good Samaritan came to the home where J. J. was chained and demanded that his owner relinquish him. Fortunately for J. . J. the owner did - and now, at 13 1/2 years of age, J. J. is searching for the loving family that he has never known. This sweet senior German Shepherd is currently in the Seattle area with a foster family. Can you help him find his forever family? J.

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