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Black German Shepherd Dogs German Shepherd dogs come in a variety of coats. According to American Kennel Club, their coats may be in solid black (all black), black with tan, black with red, or sable. Some come in blue and liver. Those with white coats are now categorized to a different breed, known as the American White Shepherd. An adult German Shepherd with black with red or black with tan coats are born nearly solid black.

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Black german shepherd breeders

updated 02/13/ 2015 ____________________________________________________ Current Litters Litter 4D litter whelped October 20, 2014. 1 female and 1 male available now. Litter 4E whelped November 17, 2014. 1 female available now. Litter 4F whelped December 13, 2014. 1 female available now. Litter 4G whelped December 15, 2014. Closed for reservations. ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________ All of our German Shepherd puppies are aptitude tested at seven weeks of age using the Volhard aptitude test in order to assist us in their placement.

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black german shepherd breeder Want an Alternative? Visit MajorGermanShepherds Picture of First Pup Received. Diagnosed with abnormality of the lower brain, being formed too small and causing severe neurologically life threatening conditions. Possible cause mother dog acquiring infection during pregnancy effecting that portion of the bran from developing properly. Also the same infection that Breeder held shipment of this puppy up for 2 weeks due to need to treat all puppies for this infection.

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Black german shepherd

Morning On The Brazos River WELCOME Indian Springs Ranch is located on 1/2 mile of the Brazos River 8 miles upstream from Possum Kingdom lake and 7 miles from Graham, Texas in Young County. I raise a ll black AKC German Shepherds. They were purchased from separate breeders and have champion bloodlines. The site is continually under construction and photos will be updated.

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black and silver german shepherd pa

black and silver german shepherd pa Read Why Dog Training E-books And PDF's Are All The Rage Nowadays Hi there, Is the canine causing you all sorts of problems? Having a dog that reacts wildly and unmanageable can not only be stressful but additionally discouraging. You don't need to be worried about whether or not your pet is going to create problems when company appointments. Listen to me, getting hold of some an optimistic encouragement canine training is really hard since it is you can get conned in the process.

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Top Black/Red West German Bloodlines

black and red german shepherd puppies for sale Sent by vielenbache United States ←→ Posted from United States Updated: Jan 23, 2015 12:20 AM (inserted 6 weeks ago) -> 3081 We have several top litters being planned this spring from top German/European Bloodlines. Our first litter is due in Feb from Rolex x Kahlua. top breeding with outstanding bone structure, great pigmentation, workability and natural protectors. Some of the bloodlines inlcudes: Rolex is a son of V rate Wallaby vom Kapellenberg, lines to Wegas, Vegas and many other great dogs.

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Black and red german shepherd puppies

black and red german shepherd puppies CHECK BACK OFTEN OR EMAIL ME FOR UPDATES grunenfeld@gmail. com If you would like to reserve a specific color and sex puppy from a litter that is already born, please click here to contact me. We will have a few questions for you, and are happy to answer your questions as well. To reserve a puppy you will need to submit a HOLDING DEPOSIT. People that are not ready now, or would like a puppy from one of the as yet unborn litters will want to join the Priority List so they get preference when the litters are born! To join the Priority List click here.

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Banffy Haus: Black and Red German Shepherd Puppies

Hello from Banffy Haus  to those on a search for black and red German shepherd puppies : These days I at Banffy Haus German shepherds am consistently hearing clients asking for rich red and black hue on their German shepherd puppies.   I have written before on this issue but would like to address it once more. Although pigment is important, this obsession with deep reds and black, and the economic pressure of demand risks forcing pigment to the top of the list of German shepherd characteristics in the breeding programs of German shepherd breeders.

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Big german shepherd

What the site is about BIGGSD is a voluntarily run virtual rescue organisation helping to rehome dogs in the UK and Ireland. Although BIGGSD was created by German Shepherd Rescue Surrey, the funding of BIGGSD & German Shepherd Rescue are separate and financially each works independently of the other. The principal aim of BIGGSD is to help rehome German Shepherd dogs in the UK & Ireland and this is done mainly by: Making people aware of the dogs in need, at rescue centers, dog pounds, other rescue organisations and with private individuals Bringing particular attention to the plight of dogs who are under immediate threat of being put to sleep (pts) Helping to fund the kennelling, fostering & transport costs whenever possible via the BIGGSD fund Bringing German Shepherd dog loving people together through this board as a community Helping any other breed or crossbreed dog too, to find a safe, secure and loving home whenever possible Offering a list of homecheckers, volunteers & fosterers that are members on the site who can help rescues & private individuals whenever possible and providing the ability to request help too.

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Best German Shepherd Breeders

best german shepherd breeders This is what a top dog expert had to say: Finding the best German Shepherd breeders is a different task to How to Choose a Dog. With so many GSD Breeders that you can find here in our Dog Breeder Directory. which one do you choose? Which are the best German Shepherd breeders ? How to find a reputable dog breeder Apart from many other factors this depends on what you are looking for: A companion for you and/or the family, a German Shepherd protection dog for the family and/or the house, a working dog for specific assignments, or even a dog for breeding purposes? Your answer to this first question will impact on how to find a reputable dog breeder or even the best German Shepherd breeders for your purpose.

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