Wolf german shepherd mix

wolf german shepherd mix

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Hi I was reading about the GSD lineage and what I found was this.

Quote:Captain Von Stephanitz, of the German infantry, bought sheep-herding dogs (many of them field trial winners) from all over Europe in the late 1800's and early 1900's and bred them together to create his 'ultimate service dog'. He started a registry and stud book. His favourite dog, Hektor, he gave the first # (SZ 1). Hektor was 1/4th wolf. He was bred to every decent bitch around, and all the dogs originally imported to the UK & America were proudly traced back to him.

In the first decade of 1900, Von Stephanitz wrote a book (in German) about his loyal hard working dogs called "The German Shepherd in Word and Picture". In this book he documents the above heritage and pleas to the breeders not "to add more wolf blood" into his dogs as he had ALREADY found the IDEAL combination. In 1923, an American version was translated VERBATIM. Not many

copies were printed and few still exist. has a pricey (about $350) original and more may (?) be found by doing rare book searches. In 1932, an 8th Enlarged and 'Revised' (read 'Sanitised' !) version was financed by English speaking 'interests'. All references to the positive wolf heritage were removed and most GSD fanciers have been denying RECENT wolf heritage ever since.

First I'd like to say I have no agenda at all (I have to say this because I'm sure SOMEONE out there will think im trying to talk bad about GSD). I absolutely love german shepherds, I had one during my childhood and I will get one after my finish my school (or maybe before then, depending if I get married during then). I am just simply wondering what % of GSD are wolf?

Also keep in mind that Dogs and Wolves are the exact same species (canis lupis, domesticated dogs are a sub species). By being part "wolf" I mean a recent ancestry with their wild "brothers" (past 200 years).

According to the link he came to this conclusion

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