Vand pui dog german

vand pui dog german

Har z Jirkova dvora will be ten in August, he has never seen a vet in his life until very recently, in fact I haven't even had to clip his nails. His feet are as good as when he was a pup & his back end is equally sound.

He came to me at eight months old because of the rabies blood test rules at the time, his protection & obedience was well under way, I was concerned how he would take to the change in language but it was no problem. His tracking came very easily to him, my wife would hide across several fields & I would just say " Find her" He was never put on a harness & would use a combination of ground & air scent to track, he would find her in no time.

I would "accidentally" drop my lead when on walks with him, I just pointed to the ground & said "Find it " he could work angles & different tracks with ease.

Protection work was a great favourite, he could always be worked without a padded suit.

Always soft & affectionate with the family, he was an excellent guard & would allow no one to enter our drive.

If you are looking for the real German Shepherd look no further than Jinopo. I have owned many before Har but none matched up to him.

Best regards,

Paul, Ireland

December 7, 2013

First of all i want to thank you for the great pup you sent me. Very recently i received the export pedigree and also the owner transfer document. I applied to the registration of the pup?s pedigree so she can get the portuguese registration (L.O.P) and based on the export pedigree the conversion process was very simple. I have very good news regarding to the pup?s adaptation to the new family and environment. Everybody is happy with the presence of the pup, she is very friendly with everybody specially with the children. One of the characteristics that i enjoy mostly is the fastest way that she learns. She learns really fast and in a natural way. She?s doing good on the basic obedience learning.

Yesterday i took the chance to take some photos and you can find some of them attached. I am very happy with this purchase and i?ll be looking forward to your breeding program update and maybe i can buy another pup in a near future.

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