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We are Florida K9 Services Inc. Our Florida Dog Obedience training school is located in Central Florida. We serve our clients in the areas of Dog Training In Florida. breeding, and boarding worldwide since 1987

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Our exclusive program trains and markets high quality dogs from a variety of breeds that are professionally trained in housebreaking, on-lead and off-lead obedience, socialization, household behavior, intruder alert in the home, and more. Dogs from toy and miniature breeds all the way up to large breed

dogs are for sale at various levels of training and costs. In special cases custom alarm training is available to let the owner know of potential intruder or fire issues well in advance within the home. Dogs may be picked up here in Florida, or delivered by a trainer anywhere worldwide.

We offer Child Safe trained family dogs through our florida dog obedience training facility. Our stock of contracted and warranted dogs include Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Boarder Collies, German Shepherds, Shetland Sheep Dogs, Labradoodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese, and Welch Corgies. Other breeds of dogs may be obtained and custom trained through us upon request using our exclusive 'Search For Dog' agreement.

Our Florida Dog Obedience Training School is located in Central Florida. We serve our clients in the areas of dog training in Florida, breeding, and boarding worldwide since 1987. We offer dog obedience training in Florida and employ several qualified dog trainers in Florida.

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