Sable german shepherd dogs


Sig is a silver sable short coat German Shepherd Dog out of Sheba. She may be able to produce solid black German Shepherd puppies like her mother when bred to a male who carries for it, such as Ash so we may be able to get an assortment of color and coat types from her! Sig is a large German Shepherd and above the AKC standard for size at around 27" and almost 100 pounds. Sig has a level topline with no extreme angulation, typical of "old style" German Shepherds. Sig has been Pennhipped at the age of 23 months with no signs of degenerative joint disease, DI .38/.41. With Pennhip's method, a DI close to .30 has a low risk of developing degenerative joint disease, a high risk when the DI is

.70 or above.

Sig's pedigree is similar to her mother's, and consists of mostly American type old fashioned German Shepherd lines. Some names in Sheba's pedigree include: Shiloh's Pocahontas Sioux, Lucas Von Shiloh Special, Job For Job Selah, Big-Big Bethsheba Selah, Amor Jah (Czechoslovakia), Lady From Hades, Kerr's Gretta, Kiesthaus Maxmillian O Pines, Dixon's Katrina Of The Pines, Eron Z Vrchoviny (Czechoslovakia), Bex Buddy, Bex Alex Of Bir's, Bex Midnight Naylor.

Video of Sig with her mom Sheba and Ash -

Pictures taken May 2008 -

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