French spaniel


Minnesota French Spaniels is a family operation.   Our number one goal is to produce an outstanding hunting dog and family pet.   All of our dogs are proven hunters who have pointed and retrieved hundreds of birds.   They have also proven to be loving, loyal members of our family. Our dogs represent the French Spaniel in several resource areas including: The Dog Bible, numerous dog websites and have been featured in Spaniel in the Fields and Pointing Dog Journal magazines.

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French brittany spaniel

french brittany spaniel History The Brittany was officially recognized by the AKC. the Breed Standard General Appearance A compact, closely knit dog of medium size, a leggy dog having the appearance, as well as the agility, of a great ground coverer. Strong, vigorous, energetic and quick of movement. Ruggedness, without clumsiness, is a characteristic of the breed. He can be tailless or has a tail docked to approximately four inches.

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Questions? Answers! Here Smarter than other Spaniels, the Brittany is more talented than imagined, and it shares it with its owner at the field and at home. As a compactly built hunting dog, the Epagneul Breton, known as Brittany in the US as well as Great Britain, it should have long limbs to cover a lot of terrain and a robust appearance, since it is vigorous and lively. In addition, it is a square dog, with the tail docked until 10 cm, or short tail at birth, always respecting legal prohibitions enforced on each country.

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