French bulldog

Blue pied french bulldog

WELCOME What is a Bulldog ? A Bulldog is of course nothing other than a Bulldog, but if you have not seen a Bulldog or a picture of one you may be surprised. People often confuse Bulldogs with other «Bull» breeds, particularly boxers, pit-bulls or bull terriers. The Bulldog is very distinct canine with a rich heritage that surpasses most other known breeds of dog. The Bulldog is a squat, thickset dog, with a large blocky head, short foreface and turned up jaw.

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French bulldog x Blue nose Pitbull

blue nose french bulldog Frenchie x Pitbull 4 puppies 3 girls 1 boy This was not a planned breed very unique Mother frenchie father pit They appear to be mostly frenchie dominant. Both parents are very small and stocky even the Pitbull father at 50 lbs. Any questions ask PRICE : Print the ad Point out a problem Reply to the ad. User N°PTA33098 registered since. 04/01/2015 - See all his ads Contact the advertiser :.

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French Bulldog Stud Services Available

Pedigree and DNA is required on all females requiring a breeding from our boys. All of our dogs and their sires and dams have high quality pedigrees from champion lines and are all AKC registered with DNA on file. We are sorry for the passing of Mojo he was such a beautiful AKC blue male BUT we are happy to have the privilege of carrying on his name with two of his own sons, Bane and Charlie. We also have Mojo's daughter, Storm, who will carry on the legend's bloodline and beautiful build.

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Blue French Bulldog

blue french bulldog puppy Category: Blue French Bulldog We at World of Frenchies are one of the leading blue French bulldog breeders in the Florida. If you are looking for champion line AKC registered blue French bulldog puppy from a highly regards breeder, then you found us at World of Frenchies. Please read about our French bulldog breeding history and discovery about our champion lines here. Over the years we have chosen and raised quality dogs and continue to keep selling commendable puppies at a high level.

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Blue & Choco French & English Bulldogs & SHORTY BULLS Welcome to the home of Mo Betta Blue Bulldogs. Here you will find a beautiful group of French Bulldogs and Shorty Bulls. Each breed having their own special place in our hearts!! Our French Bulldog program is based on Russian and European lines of the breed. We do focus on rare colors such as Blue and Chocolate French Bulldogs.

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blue french bulldog puppies for sale All puppies will be sold as a companion pet. No breeding rights! THANK YOU Deposit is $3000 for our BLUE puppies and NON-REFUNDABLE! LADONNA AND LABONITA AS NEWBORNS ( WITH THEIR BROTHERS ) D. O. B. 10-08-2014. BLUE STAR BLUE LADONNA SOLD TO BRENDA FROM SAN ANTONIO, TX! THANK YOU! BLUE LADONNA is a Solid Blue French Bulldog female puppy. D. O. B. 10-08-2014. Her price is $7000.

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Blue french bulldog puppies

blue french bulldog puppies Luv For Frenchies!! About Blues After a heated conversation with another breeder regarding our decision to purchase a blue for our breeding line. We feel the need to share with you why we made this decision which is the reason for writing this page. First of all we would like to start by saying. We are responsible breeders, we are aware that every dog is NOT meant to be bred. For this reason when selecting our males & females for our breeding line we ONLY choose the best quality dogs.

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How to Find a Reputable Blue French Bulldog Breeder and Avoid Scams

blue french bulldog breeders You love Blue French Bulldogs and you’d love to own a Frenchie.   Blue French Bulldogs make wonderful pets, but there are health issues related to the breed, so it is important to find the right dog for you.   How can you be sure that the French Bulldog offered in your newspaper or on Craigslist is from a reputable breeder? Index: www. frenchbulldogrescue. org/ ) The French Bulldog Club of America While blue pitbulls have been popular for quite some time, Blue french bulldog puppies are becoming extremely popular lately.

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blue french bulldog breeder All puppies will be sold as a companion pet. No breeding rights! Deposit is $3000 for our BLUE puppies and NON-REFUNDABLE! LEVI, LION, LUX, LIBERTY AND LUCA AS NEWBORNS, ( WITH THEIR SISTERS) D. O. B. 10-08-2014. BLUE STAR BLUE LION SOLD TO JAIME FROM WESTON, FL! THANK YOU! NEW VIDEOS 01-04-2015! NEW PHOTOS 01-04-2015! BLUE LION is a Solid Blue French Bulldog male puppy.

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Blue french bulldog

blue french bulldog O ne of our dogs is An AKC NATIONAL TOP 20 Winner. * THE HOME OF SOME VERY "COLORFUL" FRENCHIES. __________________________________________ and my AVAILABULLZ page I have loved and owned French Bulldogs for over 30 years now. I love every color that the Frenchie comes in and they do come in a rainbow of colors. See my Frenchie Colors page. I have some of the unique colors; Cool blues, yummy chocolates, and of course I have all of the other colors too, beautiful black brindles, wild reverse red brindles, handsome black masked reds, cute creams, pretty fawns and also darling pieds in all these colors.

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